Dmitry Nagiyev About Tom, What Women pity and how not to raise a son Rag

Women's sorry.
Constantly complain that the guys around there.
Women do not feel sorry for raising my sons as girls. Lisp with them to the school, hysterical from any falls and bruises, or (God forbid, Kiryushenka immediately get off !!!) try to climb the wall bars above the third step, put on their pants, shorts up to five years and are fed with a spoon.
The result is logical: the semi-naughty boys with sagging breasts in kedikah and leatherette bag adidas shoulder, only dreaming about their "ancestors" have amassed the money to buy commissar


What is included in the concept of "man»?

Quite a domostroevskogo concept. A man must be strong. What does it mean?
Be able to make decisions and take responsibility for those decisions.
Question parents - if your son is learning to make their own decisions and take responsibility for them

? Make decisions and take responsibility - two sides of the same coin. Freedom from one side. Restriction of freedom on the other.

Example: The man makes decisions, but is responsible for them his woman. This is not a man, as a sissy. Muzhchinka.

Man does not make decisions, but is responsible for them. This is not a man. A henpecked. Peasant.

Next: freedom begins with self-restraint

. There is a oriental saying "The first camels drink water because they do not have hands. The second man is drunk, because they have no patience. The last drink woman. »

The adequate (not Islamic) education scheme rules must be others' best - mum. Because she's a girl. Then the cat - because he is helpless and dependent on us. And then we are already with you. Because we are men. »


At what age a child becomes a man?

Since the awareness of oneself as a person. Psychologists know that age. Three years!

Yes, mom. With three years of your son or the man, or he starts gender curvature. And the more you communicate with him but with the man, the deeper will be exhausted his masculinity. And all depressed and not properly developed male instincts then show up in the perverted form: aggression, perversion, hatred or complete lack of respect for the female sex, etc.

It was the age of three years, must constantly inspire her son - "You - a man!". And it is from this age need to teach him the way normal male "Must!».

Alas, it is a fact - many of your "! I want and do not care" or "I said, so you should" lead to the development of sociopathic personality. Look around and you will see a lot of muzhchinok unable to bring himself to some action.

A man must:
To be able to endure.
To be able to overcome themselves.
To be able to make mistakes.
To be able to be gentle.
To be able to be rude.
To be able to be different.
To be able to answer for his words.
A man should be able to be.

With three years it is necessary to treat the kid like a man. When he fell, and yells in your hands (or did not fall, but simply hysteria because of the desire to get a new toy) - you need to talk to him - "You're the man? What then are you yelling? "Do you understand that at this moment you do not give him the installation, and yourself? What's in the future, you will be to him as a true peer and adult?

Yes. The child should be treated as an adult. This does not mean that it does not need to play, not to forgive his mistakes, not to indulge it, do not smile at him.

Sixth. The child can be wrong. He explores the world around him, it explores the boundaries. Do you know why men like children? Because men are also pushing the boundaries of this world. A man must be restless. He is the driving force of humanity. A woman - the power to save, if


You can not punish a kid for errors. They need to be corrected.
Him. Himself. Independently. But with your help and prompt.

- Your room - it's your room. Are you the owner there - from himself to tidy himself at the mess you direct
. - Mom - it's a girl. The more we help her - the more she was satisfied and the less growls \
grumbles. - Nakosyachil -. Answer
- You all can itself
. - You are, first and foremost, a family defender
. - And do not forget. We -. Together
- There is a problem? So there is her decision.

Get Koshak.

Ivory - all the best for the development of the boy at the kinesthetic

. A kinestetika - the basis of sexuality. The phrase "trained on cats" as relevant as ever in this case. Iron \ ironing cats contributes to the development of abilities ironing \ ironing women in the future.

- Can I have a bike ride
? - You're a man - you and solve
. - I - a boy ...
- Then - you can not! Men can and can not be boys.
Offended sniff. Five minutes later:
- I'll go on a bike ride
! - Got it. Go.
- A bicycle can help make
? - Yes Easy. Can you help carry?
- Yeah
- Forward

Or, for example:
- Son, tomorrow we go to the movies first, then to the shooting range to shoot. Are you with us?
- In what movies
? - For adults. "Brest Fortress" is called.
- Is it possible to shoot first, and then you go to the movies, and I'm home? (Such as on a computer to sit at home playing)
- No. First, in the film. Then shoot. I decided. Because I -. Chief
He left to think. Returned.
- I agree

. Grow of his sons these guys, ladies!
Barbie-understandable-fighting already with over navyraschivali your predecessor.

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