256-year-old man to unlock Secret of Longevity Before His Death

The New York Times article from 1930 says that a university professor from Chengdu Wu Chung-tszeobnaruzhil government records of the Chinese Empire from 1827, in which Li Ching-Yuen Congratulations on 150th birthday, as well as documents in 1877 in which he congratulated since the 200 th anniversary.

In 1928, journalist New York Times wrote that the majority of elderly people living in the neighborhood of Li Ching-Yuen, recalled how even their grandfathers told them that he knew since childhood, but even then he was already a grown man.

Li Ching-Yuen was a merchant medical travami.

With 10 years he was collecting them in the mountains and found out that they can contribute to longevity. Almost 40 years he held the herbal diet, eating only herbs such kaklinchzhi, goji berries, wild ginseng. In 1749, at age 71, he joined the Chinese army as a teacher of martial arts. Lee was a universal favorite, 23, has been married twice and more than 200 times became a father.

According to the generally accepted in the stories of his province, Li childhood could read and write, and collecting grass for 10 years already had visited in Gansu, Shanxi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria.

During the first hundred years, he continued to collect and sell herbs. He then went on to sell herbs collected by others. Along with other Chinese herbs, he sold ganoderma, goji berries, wild ginseng, Chi Shu Wu and gotu kola, and lived on a diet of these herbs and rice wine.

He was not a odin.Po to one of Lee students, one day he met a man who was more than 500 years. He taught him breathing exercises Qigong and made some dietary recommendations that could help him to prolong his life superhuman terms.

On his deathbed, Lee said his famous phrase:

"I did everything I was supposed to do in this world. I'm going home. »

Could these words be one of the biggest secrets to a long and happy life? It is interesting that we in the modern civilized world are trying to deal with age with the help of high-tech infrared devices and most modern medicines.

Here is the secret of longevity of this sage: Once Lee was asked what is the secret of his longevity, and this is what he said:

"Keep heart in silence, sit like a tortoise, walk briskly like a pigeon and sleep like sleeping watchdog».

Lee argued that the internal peace and tranquility, combined with breathing exercises, and have his secret longevity. Obviously, his diet has also played an important role. But surprisingly, the oldest man in the world is attributed to its longevity of his mind.

Why is it so hard to believe? The people, whose average life expectancy is 65 years, it's hard to believe even in the life after 100. But imagine that someone who lives more than 200 years in general very difficult.

We must bear in mind that there are people who do not live in a grueling work schedule, do not deal with the debt on the loan, do not breathe polluted city air and exercise regularly. They do not eat sugar, flour or any other product treated with pesticides. They do not eat in a hurry as we are accustomed to.

They do not eat fatty meat, sweet desserts and foods with GMOs. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Their diet is not just saved from harmful products, which we so often pamper yourself. It includes superpoleznye products and medicinal plants, which are steroids to affect our organs and the immune system.

They also spend their free time in nature, meditating and practicing breathing techniques that improve the mental, physical and emotional health.

They have a sound sleep. They spend much time in the sun, and we know that when we get to relax in the sun, we feel, if just look younger, and call it a "vacation." Imagine what it is:. A lifetime sunbathing in the mountains, on a background of absolute mental, spiritual and physical well-being

I never for a moment doubt that, if we all adhere to these healthy patterns of behavior, life and 100 did not seem to us to such a mythical.

If properly treat your body, who knows to what age can to take our life.

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