- Dad, tell the tale!
 - Leave me alone.
 - Well paaaaaap !!!
 -% Bl, leave me alone, he said. Do not you see - my father thinks.
 - When to $ Ball @ smiling. Okay, you will have a fairy tale, and only then - just to sleep is?
 - Progress.
 - Well, listen. Once there was a girl and called her Cinderella ...
 - Neeee, this has been! I want new!
 - New ??
 - New!
 - Okay. Um. He lived, in short, the old man, bl $ rd, with his old lady ...
 - Dad, it does not happen! The old man can not be bl $ qb! Perhaps the old woman lived-bl $ rd with his old man!
 - Shut up! This is where you pick up these words? Who taught? Worthless charming young lady swearing Aki cobbler! Whatever I like Dr. X # of you are no longer heard!
 - All right!
 - Well, the old man lived with his bl% dv-old woman near the blue sea. And he went, bl% rd, fishing.
 - Go fishing?
 - Fishing. Fish. Grub in the house no x * Dr. No, the old woman washed down, tore it zh0pu from shops and went.
 - A lot has caught?
 - Nope, all day threw a network - no X # RA caught. In the evening the old man caught a goldfish. And she tells him ...
 - Do fish say?
 - Do not interrupt, bl @! Well this is a fairy tale, Mash. In fairy tales, and x $ and talk.
 - All right!
 - Well, it says fish - ask, with # ka, Che want all wishes fulfilled, the current release. And the old man and said - "Yes, no x $ ra I do not need. And you roast - meat into bite. X $ D with you, goldfish, swim otseda. "And let.
 - Hehe, like Lohan divorced!
 - No, Mash, it was really magical.
 - Well, then, the old man really goof. You could have at least used a bag of dough to ask.
 - That's because he and the old woman said. P # zduy, said catch this fish where you want and how you want, not fucked% t, let us mend the trough.
 - In!
 - Yeah, in! All of you, women, uh, women are the same! Well, I make x% -% of pop zdoval old man to the sea, calling goldfish. And the sea is already specifically breeze rose, sails fish - says: "What I have x% do you want, Starch?" And he told her: "Yes, I strained my old woman does not lie on the bench. Trough new wants. ". "Wow, bl%" - responds fish - "I thought I cant some serious. Do not worry, n # zduy himself with God. Will you trough. »
 - Wow!
 - Comes old home - and the trough, and the truth is new.
 - Cool!
 - Cool, huh. $ Pere ball of his grandmother on the back trough this and says - "Wali back to the fish. Do not want to be just a peasant want to be columnar noblewoman! »
 - She ate a $ oh?
 - It has not eaten ... oh $ Um ... What's the word again ???? Come on palm on her lips!
 - I'm sorry, Dad!
 - So. Comes the old man to the sea - but already there is a wave rose, storm warning, n $ zdets what's going on. He is calling goldfish.
 - Fish on it ... Oh! Not sent away?
 - Not yet. Says fish - "noblewoman? X $ nd it would be noble. "There comes an old man - and there are already true estate, castle, all the cases.
 - How are we?
 - Well approximately. And he says the old woman - Wali n @ x, look for their fish.
 - ???? Again ???
 - Uh-huh. He says want to be mistress of the sea, and the fish was so in my sixes.
 - P # zdets! I'm sorry, Dad, but in another way it is not called !!!
 - I forgive you, because I really do not call.
 - And then what?
 - Well, the old man comes to the sea - but already there is a storm nine points. Tsunami run, horror, n @ x. Yelling old man - such cases, the Empress fish, oh # ate really my old lady. Responsible fish - "As you have both of @ Bali." The old man came home - and no x $ ra again and do not have a broken trough.
 - Mdaa ...
 - What is the moral of the tale?
 - Oxy # Vat is not necessary!
 - So, Maria Alexandrovna I stand Last warning. Next time I will hurt n $ zdit by the pope.
 - Big Brother!
 - That's right, and now sleep!


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