The sad tale nedetskiy

They put a hamster in the box,
In her pillow and opilochki,
But no hamster girl,
But there kormushechka and poilochka.
Very sad hamster live without podruzhechkii,
Very sad hamster but no darling
And not happy about it either pad,
No kormushechka nor poilochka.
Gave homyachochku podruzhechku,
Very little white and fluffy.
A podruzhechka gnawed pad
And zakakala poilochku neat.
It was a pity that hamster pads,
And especially a pity poilochki,
Dark is the night he killed a podruzhechku,
I bury the corpse in opilochki fluffy.
In the morning sad-zapechalilsya,
In his little white fluffy little children,
He broke from the despair kormushechku
And hung on the twig cells.
Pity him and pity hamster-blonde,
Released tale bad-nasty ...
A hamster - it dull skotinochka,
And besides, even aggressive.



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