Oh, these children ... (Part 2)

"Closed" children
This kid does not like to play with other children, he likes the company of adults. A child is not a child and kept cold. He is stubborn, always gets the job done. At the same time afraid of change. Although these children are obedient, their behavior often causes parents to worry.
It is not necessary to insist on the approximation of the baby with peers, it can lead to even greater isolation. In teaching "closed" the child needs an individual approach. He will protest against compliance with formal rules.
With the proper education of tenacity and perseverance,
characteristic of children with this type of temperament,
will enable them to achieve high results.
"Weak" children
The child has poor sleep and appetite, he is whiny, sensitive to external influences (loud sound, a bright light), does not tolerate change of scenery. The main feature of this type - increased fatigability during physical, mental stress and strong emotional experiences.
"Weak" is kept away from the active, noisy children, because they do not know how to fend for themselves. Often the child becomes angry and crying while walking, in kindergarten, at a party. Around while it seems that the reason for such a reaction is not, or it is extremely low.
If your baby is "weak", he needs a gentle treatment of the day. Any fatigue it is contraindicated. You came out with the baby for a walk or come to visit? As soon as the child began to act up, away; home help distract.
If the child began to cry because of fatigue, do not scold him.
When the positive attitude he will learn with time itself
adjust the load and determine when they need to relax.

"Sverhakkuratnye" children
A child belongs to this type, characterized by the desire for order. It is characterized by non-children's thrift. The kid is very binding and require it from others. He suffers painful change the date and rules of conduct. Aggressively reacts to attempts to take possession of his property - can spend hours crying.
Set a strict schedule and do not break it. If something is forbidden, do not allow this under any circumstances. Let's promises only if you are sure in their implementation. Never customize and try not to interfere in its affairs. Let him clean up toys, clothes.
If the child is attentive to his appearance, then cook clothes in advance, taking into account his wishes and with his help.
Make sure that your reactions to the behavior of the baby
It was unambiguous and understandable for him.
Encourage neatness, thrift.


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