Oh, these children ... (bookmark. Part)

"Artistry" children
They tend to want to be the center of attention at any cost. If a kid attends kindergarten, it was the main character in all matinees. Any family holiday starts with his speech. But if we fail to attract the attention of the public demonstration of their talents, the child achieves this in other ways: starts to act up, went into hysterics.
Usually "artistic" baby has the gift to inspire sympathy and love. He listened at a glance, not naughty in the presence of an educator, but among peers can be aggressive. Angry if his presence in praise of another child.
Often children with this type of character make up stories to "embellish" themselves. As a rule, do well in school. To be the best - opportunity to stand out, but in an effort to attract the attention of these children demonstrate indifference to people and selfishness.
If this description fits your child, try not touching vanity, calling his attention to the feelings and interests of others, encourage yabednichestvo. Your baby loves to be the center of attention, so try to give it more time.
Children with such traits are often talented, hence, the need for a child in awe they could be satisfied in the children's circle. If a son or daughter in response to the ban went into hysterics, do not give their positions. It is better to try to distract the child - for example, drew his attention to what is happening outside.
And sometimes it's better to leave him alone and give time to calm down. When the tantrum is over, calmly explain why you can not fulfill his demand. If you give in, the child realizes that hysteria - a good means to achieve the desired, and will use it in the future.
Negative traits are largely a consequence of
lack of firmness and consistency parents.
As a rule, such a child is brought up in an atmosphere of universal adoration.

"Pushover" children
Baby is very restless, easily distracted. Can not make an effort to achieve a goal, when confronted with an obstacle immediately throws the case, which involved. Outwardly, the child may be obedient, agrees to comply with the requirement, but quickly forgets about it. Afraid of punishment and easily subject to the will of another person.
This behavior is due to the fact that the parents did not teach toddler independence, perseverance. Most likely, Mom and Dad did not require it of organization, compliance, performed his duties for the (cleaned toys, dress, etc.).
Teach your child to control their behavior. Try to briefly and clearly articulate their requirements. Strive to eat it alone, dressed feasible to entrust him with chores. If the child is trying to finish some business, even if it is only important for him, do not interrupt. This will help him to become more organized and persistent.
Children belonging to this type, sociable and friendly,
however, tend to imitate the behavior of others.
The future of the child depends on the environment, from his friends.
Your baby needs to be tactful, but constant monitoring.


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