Ritual to strengthen family tree ...

Set in a circle of 12 candles in the center put photos kin. Lighting a candle every clockwise once read a conspiracy:

How shall I go into purely Polyushko, old father, old mother. Will go under the stars frequent, clear sunshine, a clear cut, the month, under a full moon. I will go and find Zlata ladder, that ladder of seven steps, I will go up the ladder, so to Sedavit asterisk, where forge of gold worth living fire in the forge of the lights.
The fire is not firing, do not bake, does not melt, Living Mother flows. Around forge tree stand tree is the generic merchant, Volkhov, and the king's simple. Twelve stars hang twelve candles are lit, twelve virgins Glory smith and son talk. I will go to the blacksmith closer, bowed the lower legs hurt. Skuy you, blacksmith, of living fire luck and joy to the tree for me so my fellow, women yes men, detushek small and old. How to turn this day in the spring, and my twist on the old good intonation in cases for goodness, but good luck, but a bountiful harvest. Goi! ..

When the candles burn out, wrap photos in red cloth and store in the eastern corner of your home year is not turning ...

Cases in the family will improve ...


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