Test to determine the strengths of the CHARACTER

Very interesting test to determine the strengths of his character.

I invite you to identify the strengths of his character, and may choose the direction of where to go.

Before you 8 types of the human figure, composed of simple geometric shapes: triangle, circle and square. Choose figure with whom you associate yourself the most, and see the answer to your strengths and your personality type.

Type 1 - "Head»
Usually it is people with a penchant for leadership and organizational activities. Focused on socially significant behaviors may have the gift of a good storyteller, is based on a high level of speech development. Have a good adaptation in the social sphere, domination over others keep within certain limits.

We must remember that the manifestation of these qualities depends on the level of mental development. At a high level of individual traits developed feasible, is well understood. At a low level of development can not be identified in the professional activities and present situational worse if inadequately situations. This applies to all specifications.

Type 2 - "responsible contractor»
It has many features such as "manager", but in making critical decisions are often present fluctuations.

This type of people are more focused on "the ability to do business," excellence, has a high sense of responsibility and demands of himself and others, appreciates the right, ie, It is characterized by increased susceptibility to truthfulness. They often suffer physical illnesses of nervous origin as a result of overvoltage.

Type 3 - "anxious-hypochondriac»
It is characterized by a variety of abilities and talents - from subtle hand skills to the literary talent. Typically, this type of people closely within the same profession, they can change it to a completely opposite and unexpected, also have a hobby that is essentially a second profession. Physically not tolerate the mess and dirt. Usually conflict because of it with other people. Characterized by high vulnerability and often doubt themselves. Need a soft reassurance.

Type 4 - "scientist»
These people are easily abstracted from reality, have a "conceptual mind," characterized by the ability to develop "all" their theories. Usually they have composure and rationally think through their behavior.

Representatives of this type are often found among those engaged in synthetic kinds of art: cinema, circus, theaters direction, animation, etc.

Type 5 - "intuitive»
People of this type have a strong sensitivity of the nervous system, its high exhaustion.
It is easier to work on pereklyuchaemosti from one activity to another, usually perform "minority lawyers", for which there are new opportunities. Is extremely sensitive to the novelty. Altruistic, often show concern for others, have good manual skills and imagination shaped, which gives the opportunity to engage technical kinds of creativity.
Usually develop their morality, they possess an inner self-control, that is, They prefer to self-control, a negative response to the attacks on their freedom.

6 type - "the inventor, the designer, the artist»
It often occurs in people with "technical vein." These are people who have imagination, spatial vision, often engaged in various kinds of technical, artistic and intellectual creativity. Most intravertirovannyh, as well as an intuitive type of live their own moral standards, do not accept any influence from the outside, except for self control.
Emotionally obsessed with their own original ideas.

Type 7 - "emotive»
Have an increased empathy toward other people are going through hard brutal film footage may be permanently knocked out of the rut and be shocked by violent events. The pain and worries of other people find their participation, empathy and compassion for which they spend a lot of their own energy, the result becomes difficult realization of their own abilities.

8 type - "insensitive to other experiences»
It has the opposite tendency emotive type. Usually it does not feel feelings of other people or treat them with disregard and even increases the pressure on people.

If it's a good specialist, he can force others to do what he sees fit. Sometimes it had a "callous", which occurs depending on the situation when, due to any reason the person closes the circle of their own problems.


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