Dmitri Nagiyev affair with Jeanne Friske

Imposing Dmitry Nagiyev began openly to take care of an impregnable Zhanna Friske. Behind the scenes of the filming of "New Year's spark" stars made no secret of mutual sympathy and cooed, as the lovers, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda».

Resist the fatal beauty, perhaps, he will not be able 007. What happened: Dmitry Nagiyev, dressed for the filming of "Spark" in the style of an undercover agent, according to the scenario fell to the feet of Joan.
Rumors that Nagiyev affair with Friske appeared a month before filming. And shooting themselves overgrown details.

Jeanne, which is usually cold with partners on the court, seizing the moment backstage allowed Dmitry yourself a hug. Nagiyev gently touched his chest beauties. A fun Jeanne threw his leg on the thigh. Do not hesitate, when it corrected tights.

Singer familiar with Nagiyev more than three years. It was said Dmitry liked Jeanne. But her heart was then employed - businessman Ilya. Last year, Nagiyev Jeanne invited to participate in his show "Big dispute with Dmitry Nagiyev" on the First Channel. Perhaps now, when Jeanne was released, we had a chance to Nagiyev.

Decide whether they are serious and long-term relationship, time will tell. It's no secret the two - so keen, often changing plans. Nagiyev not officially married. Jeanne is also a passionate and also not married.

As one expert said Party of Beauty, it seems that Dmitry Nagiyev did rejuvenating treatments. Earlier, he had the wrinkles on his face, and now his face perfectly, the skin is stretched, without wrinkles, eye shape has changed a bit, bags under the eyes disappear.


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