In group "Shining" Asmolova replace sister Jeanne Friske.

According to Natalia, she worked in the "brilliant" six months on probation, writing songs and all tracks otpahal to complete. But the first thunder when Natalia appeared, without informing the producers group, in a candid photoshoot for a glossy magazine, for which she was made a reprimand ...

But to dismiss the singer organizers did not dare. Today it temporarily suspended from work for a different reason - the producers decided to try her native place of her younger sister already famous and popular Zhanna Friske - Natalia. On the sidelines say, that this step - pure PR. Woman as soon present a new media in a festive atmosphere.

With Asmolova nonetheless not severed relations finally: the producers keep her candidacy for the case when the group leaves any other soloist - for example, Nadia handle violates discipline, and its position in the "brilliant" unreliable. A Frisco Jr. has learned songs with the girls group. Probably very soon, viewers will see the favorite "sparkles" in the new structure.

- I want to say thank you to Joan because she supported me, - says Natalya Friske. - For me this is very important. Of course I'm excited to debut, but is confident in his abilities. I have learned all their games, all dancing, and I also perfectly suits approached.

Asmolova same today writes solo album (her husband is engaged in producing) and intends to make a career of the actress. As we hinted in the lobby, in the fate of "brilliant" and expected new and interesting surprises.

For reference:

Natalia Friske was born April 21, 1986. She is a student at the Moscow Institute of Law - examines criminal law. In the next year the new "brilliant" will protect diploma. Natalia has a pet - Pug Demis. Younger Frisco enjoys traveling, skiing, dancing and, of course, sing. By nature Natasha very cheerful, sociable, charming and cheerful girl.


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