17 stars with his brothers and sisters, which we were not even aware

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Famous people all know in person. Movies, concerts, spectacular photos in magazines and on the front pages of Newspapers, millions of publications on the Internet... But for some they are just relatives.

And today, the team of the Website offers you to take a look at famous people next to their brothers and sisters. These mental pictures seemed to suggest that the bonds of family — the best cure for a star.

Sylvester Stallone's younger brother Frank

Nicole Kidman with sister Antonia

Sandra bullock sister Gesin bullock-Prado

Elijah wood's sister Hannah

Sarah Jessica Parker brother Peppino

Colin Farrell with sister Claudine

Kate Hudson's brother Wyatt Russell

Ben Stiller with his sister Amy Stiller

Brad pitt with his brother Doug

Keanu Reeves sister Kim

Jake Gyllenhaal with sister Maggie

With Scarlett Johansson twin brother hunter

Leonardo DiCaprio's brother Adam Ferrara

Bradley Cooper with her older sister Holly

Fellow actors, the Wilsons, Andrew, Luke and Owen

Sharon stone with her younger sister Kelly

Renee Zellweger and her brother drew

Photo Eastnews preview, Vogue

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