The "Brilliant" returned Frisco

After leaving the "brilliant" Ksenia Novikova (producers are going to do her solo career), the soloist of popular group did not remain three. Recently, the team has expanded Natasha Friske - younger sister Jeanne. The girl is 21 years old, as was her sister, when she began to sing in the "brilliant".

"I saw myself as if in his youth - said Zhanna Friske correspondent of" 7 Days. " - Natasha lost weight, learned to move gracefully disappeared frightened expression. Hopefully, it will be wise enough not to drop out and defend a diploma after a year at the Institute of Law. And she must constantly work on yourself. Natasha - a real mother's daughter if she herself does not redraw in the group it will not be easy. I offered to help her at any time. "


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