Sharpening a knife to the state of the shaver (17 photos)

One reader told how to sharpen a knife to perfection. And moreover, this way you can sharpen any knife.

I want to show someone can be useful this method. So you can sharpen spobom to very good sharpness almost any knife - folding, hunting, and kitchen. This method is very cheap. And so we need a wooden cutting board, emery paper sheet can be 3 or more, a piece of thick skin about as military officers' belts, paste GOI, a marker and a simple little perseverance.

Cooking sandpaper grit 320 can be a little less a little more. Cut off from the strip sheet.

Pushpin attach to the board.

Take a knife and holding a marker on the cutting edge. For clarity and uniformity of the grinding process.

Sharpen maintaining an angle of about 20 degrees in this case.


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