Marble Cave

In 1987 Simferopol was opened speleosektsiey unique beauty of a huge cave with a complex system of halls and galleries.
Created in 1988, the center speleoturizma, after detailed research, equipped excursion routes - were laid concrete walkway, installed handrails, held lighting. Marble Cave was opened to the public in 1989.
According cavers, it is among the five most beautiful caves in the world. This is one of the most visited caves in Europe, and in 1992 it was adopted by the International Association equipped caves.

1. The road to the top of the mountain, where the entrance to the cave has been very difficult for our Element. Lifts were very steep, and the problems with automatic transmission only makes the process even more fun! But we are still stopped, took warm coats and went to look for the entrance.

2. Here we are inside! The length of the route is equipped with one and a half kilometers, the length of the explored rooms - more than 2 kilometers.

3. We meet the huge halls with bizarre forms of wandering formations, rare types of crystals.

4. The first thing we get to the Gallery Tales, whose length is approximately 200 meters.


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