Gouffre Berger - the deepest and most dangerous caves in the world


32-year-old British photographer Sean Robbie (Robbie Shone) took these pictures during the descent one of the deepest and most dangerous caves in the world — the Gouffre Berger (FR. Gouffre Berger). He and 20 cavers made a dangerous journey "to the center of the earth."

Daredevils descended to a depth of 1200 meters — the cave Gouffre-Berger, which is located on a plateau Sorne of the Vercors massif in the French Alps.



The world's first cave, explored to depths of more than 1 km. From 1954 until 1963 it was considered the deepest cave in the world (in 1956 had reached a depth of -1122 meters), however in 1964 he lost the championship of the abyss Pierre-Saint-Martin.

Today, Berger is the depth of 1323 m (with a total length of moves over 30 km), which does not allow to enter even in the top 20 deepest caves in the world, and leaves her only the fourth place in depth in France. Berger repeatedly investigated by the famous explorers, in particular Fernand Petcam.

The cave is technically difficult. The return from the bottom of the cave to the surface can take 15 to 30 hours without long breaks. The cave is flooding. In recent years, the explosion killed 6 people, five of them due to flash floods. Gouffre Berger was discovered in 1953 by Joseph Berger and Berger translated as the abyss.




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