Mobile phones and Wi-Fi network do not harm the health

According to a new study, mobile phone use and Wi-Fi networks do not cause cancer and does not harm health. Symptoms of hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation associated with other diseases.

As claimed by science news, the Norwegian expert Committee formed by the Ministry of health of Norway, found evidence that electromagnetic radiation of low power from mobile phones, wifi networks and other transmitters increase the risk of cancer.

In previous studies, scientists concluded that electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones can cause harmful overheating of the skin, male infertility and cancer.

However, after studying the influence of electromagnetic radiation of low power, which create the radio transmitters, the researchers came to the conclusion that there is no scientific evidence that irradiation is dangerous to health.

Previous studies primarily focused on the radiation exposure of the human brain. In a new study by the Norwegian expert Committee found no scientific evidence of a link between mobile phone use and the rapid development of brain tumors.

For other types of cancer — such as leukemia and lymphoma, there is little scientific data, but scientists have not found evidence of the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the development of these diseases.

The scientists also investigated the phenomenon of so-called hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves, the symptoms of which are headache, fatigue, sleep disorders, muscle pain. Member of the research team, Professor Ian Alexander said: "We have no reason to believe that the disease is imaginary. But a large number of studies proves that her symptoms probably are not electromagnetic waves, and other factors".

However, scientists warn against excessive use of mobile phones and other devices that can irradiate the human body.


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