45 interesting facts about the life and work of David Bowie

David Bowie was a pen-scale figure in the world of music that needs no introduction. His work had an enormous influence on the tastes of generations, and his images - real works of art. Bowie was known and loved throughout the world. Until the end of his life, he belonged to music and recorded albomy.Redaktsiya Website mourns this day with them. We invite readers to recall some interesting facts about the life and work of David Bowie.

1. It was Bowie's 1970 song written by The Man Who Sold The World, the most famous of which performed an acoustic cover of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) during the show MTV Unplugged in 1993. After that Bowie was faced with the fact that people came to him after a concert where he performed his own song, saying: "It's cool that you perform the song" Nirvana ».

2. In America, David Bowie's success has brought a single Fame in 1975. His co-author (and backing vocalist) was John Lennon.

3. According to the 2000 edition of the New Musical Express poll among musicians of various directions, David Bowie was voted the most influential musician. And in a survey Bi-bi-si (2002), Bowie was on the 29th place in the list of 100 Greatest Britons. He is in the top lists of the greatest rock singers and vocalists of all time.

4. In 2000, David Bowie refused the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire, and three years later - rejected a proposal to build it into a knighthood. His position, he explained: "I never imagined that I would get something like that. I seriously do not know what it is. This is not something for which I have worked all my life ».

5. David Bowie's first wife was the model Angela Barnett, with whom he met in 1969. They have in 1971 a son, who was named Zoe. In 1980, David and Angela divorced. The second time, Bowie married model Iman Abdulmajid in 1992. In 2000 they had a daughter Alexandria Zahra.

6. In the early seventies Bowie addicted to drugs. Under their influence, he did sometimes shocking statements - for example, that Hitler was the first rock star, and Britain could benefit from the fascist leader. By the way, the Soviet customs officers confiscated Bowie during his visit to the USSR "Nazi paraphernalia." Later, the musician had to disown his words and claim that he is not a fascist.

7. David Bowie became famous not only in the music scene, but also in the movies. Best known for its Movie parts - alien Thomas Jerome Newton in the science fiction film "The Man Who Fell to Earth," John vampire in a horror film "Hunger" directed by Tony Scott, goblin king Jareth in the "Labyrinth." He appears in the role of an FBI agent Phillip Jeffries in David Lynch's "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me».

8. Bowie visited Moscow three times. The first time - the spring of 1973 on his way from Japan to Europe when he traveled to the Soviet Union by train on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The second time Bowie arrived in Moscow in 1976, along with Iggy Pop. And the third time - the summer of 1996 with a concert at the State Kremlin Palace.

9. «Hans", a small recording studio where Bowie recorded "Berlin trilogy" - studio windows out on the Berlin Wall - has become a tourist attraction, although it continues to work as a studio: bands like Supergrass and Snow Patrol recently recorded their albums there.

10. The idea of ​​the image of Ziggy Stardust, Bowie came after he accidentally met with stale star and kislotnikom Vince Taylor Street Carnaby Street in London. Interestingly, the album cover was made at the same time, at the corner of Haddon Street.

11. On writing songs «TVC15» , from the album «Station To Station» , Bowie-inspired dream Iggy Pop, in which he saw as his Woman eats a TV.

12. As stated by Bowie himself, he had «terrible event associated with tea», when he was 5 years old. Since then, he refuses to drink this drink.

13. David Bowie influenced a great number of musicians. For example, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers said of his idol as follows:

«I could not understand it until I was 19 or 20 years, but" Hunky Dory "changed my life. He expanded the boundaries while remaining affordable ».

blockquote> 14. Lady Gaga about David Bowie:

«I see Bowie as a symbolic figure for the arts. It's not just music. It's his performances, his attitude, his look. And that's exactly what I imagine the role of the artist ».

blockquote> 15. album Bowie's 75-year «Station To Station» was "spiced up" unimaginable amount of cocaine. As recognized by Warren Peace, backing vocalist, took part in the recording of the album, "All we went stoned with chains around his neck, which kept small doses».

16. At about the same time, Bowie was invited to play in the film "Blue Bird" with Elizabeth Taylor. But it was not meant to happen. "The film is a frank d *** mo, so I refused the offer," - said in an interview with NME Bowie in 1975.

17. Bowie plays nearly all the instruments on the album «Diamond Dogs» - including the famous guitar riff «Rebel Rebel».

18. Recently, Bowie did not appear in public, but lit up in the summer of 2009 at the premiere of the debut film of his son «Moon», presented in the movie festival «Tribeca Film Festival» in New York City.

19. The song «Under Pressure» - Collaboration Bowie and the group Queen - was born in a joint jam session in the studio Bowie in Montreux, Switzerland. Originally, he was going to make a backing singer in another song Queen - «Cool Cat».

20. At the top of cocaine psychosis spaced-Bowie, allegedly hid their own urine in the refrigerator to avoid being stolen sorcerer.

21. Right pupil Bowie has always been expanded - the result of a fight Bowie with his friend George Underwood because of the girl, held back in school days.

22. Your real name David Bowie - David Robert Jones. He changed his name to Bowie to avoid being confused with Davy Jones, a famous musician band The Monkees.

23. His stage name he took in honor of bladed weapons - combat knife Bowie, who in turn was named after one of the leaders of the "Texas Revolution" party defense of Fort Alamo by Mexican Jim Bowie (1796- 1836). For the first time under the name of the musician David Bowie made almost exactly 50 years ago - January 14, 1966, when he appeared on the cover of an alias record Can not Help Thinking About Me.

24. backup singers soul album «Young Americans» of 1975 was made by a young Luther Vandross, who later became one of the most famous performers of the 80s.

25. At the presentation in Oslo in 2004, Bowie got the eye candy thrown from the crowd. He remained there until one of the team members drew not his. Bowie has not interrupted the performance.

26. Contrary to popular belief, not the eyes Bowie different color. They create the impression of pupil dilation - the result of a fight.

27. In 2004, David Bowie had a heart attack, require surgery. Because of this, he had to cancel 15 concerts of his most successful tour in recent years.

28. When Bowie starred in the movie "The Prestige", the producers made sure that he was traveling in a blue helicopter. They had heard that he refused to travel if they put him in anything else. Whatever it was, when Bowie saw the improved design of the helicopter, he said that he really do not care.

29. When Bowie was a teenager, he is the founder Assotsatsii abuse prevention program is a long-haired interviewed BBC. David complained, "It's not very nice when people call you" cutie "and so on».

30. Bowie played in Glastonbury twice. For the first time in 1971, the second time in 2000, and his statement has since been considered one of the most successful ever held this festival. Rumors that Bowie was scheduled to perform there again in 2010, turned out to be unfounded.

31. In this picture, the 1973 Bowie in a London restaurant, just got a six-disc from the record company RCA Records. Surprisingly, this year all six of his albums were in the charts.

32. Bowie was a big fan of the band Placebo, he called them one of their favorite bands. Also, he liked Oasis before they broke up.

33. Drug Bowie in the mid-1970s as he argued, is not motivated by a thirst for pleasure. "I have not used drugs in the hedonistic purposes, - he explained the artist in 2000 - I was rarely in society. I just worked. He worked for days without sleep ».

34. Paul Weller of Bowie:

«I think he had an impact on everyone. "Low" - has always been my favorite plate ».

blockquote> 35. Kevin Barner, singer and leader of the band Of Montreal:

«This is a unique genius. The collection of his works - is an extraordinary gift to the human race. Muhammad Ali Art freaks ».

blockquote> 36. Andrew VanVingarden from the group MGMT:

«You can take any song from any era and incarnations of David Bowie, and it will not sound dated. I think in this he is very good ».

blockquote> 37. Best Bowie recorded his work in collaboration with Tony Visconti. After 20 years, Bowie once again teamed up with the man who produced his classic album of the seventies to record albums «Heathen» and «Reality»

38. create fake twitter account David Bowie was established in January 2009. Despite the fact that it contains only one tweet ("Hello from snowy Berlin! I work on new material!") In this akkauta more than 40 thousand subscribers.

39. «Space Oddity» was the big breakthrough for Bowie. This legendary song was used by the BBC in covering events related to vysodkoy on the moon in 1969. Bowie then was virtually unknown - the song became a hit number 1 in the UK.

40. In 2006, Bowie announced that he was "fed up with the industry, and fed long enough." That has not stopped fans from speculating facts - despite the absence of direct evidence, many of them until recently believed that Bowie is preparing a triumphant return.

41. Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos was impressed by the meeting with his idol in 2004. "There is no person that could ever skolechko impress me as much as Bowie" - he said.

42. Bowie last role was in the movie "The Prestige" in 2006. Armed with a horrible European accent, he played the Austrian inventor Nikola Tesla.

43. Bowie was arrested along with Iggy Pop for the use of marijuana. But they were not sent to prison.

44. Bowie organized a group The Hype in the 1960's, where all appeared on stage dressed as superheroes. The crowd booed their every performance, so that every time they had to leave without finishing.

45. Bowie formed his own corpse mimes «Feathers» (birds) in 1969.

46. Bowie voiced King of Atlantis in the animated series "SpongeBob».

The last clip of the legendary David Bowie, presented on the eve of the death of the musician:

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