People with unusual professions (11 photos)

These people have an unusual job.

1. Giovanni Felizzola was born in Italy, in 1967 he created neon signs. "When gnesh glass, you need to be extremely cautious. If sognesh wrong, or vice versa, rastyanesh too much, it will break. " It blows air into the hose, and when exposed to flame tube bends. Since 1985, he manages his own shop in Baltimore. (David Rogowski, AOL)

2. Dusty Barrett - born rodeo clown. In 2 years he has participated in the performances of his grandfather. On his goals for the speeches, he says: "The best thing you can do - amuse a child." The main drawback of his work - constant traveling. Because of the work will not see his family for weeks. (David Rogowski, AOL)

3. The only way to clean the acrylic aquarium panel exhibition at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, is to run to the diver, who will hand rub glass 7 cm thick. William Coffman doing it for 16 years. "It is much cheaper and easier than to go to the Caribbean every week." Children always react violently when they see it. "I like to look at their faces." (David Rogowski, AOL)


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