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On the first Monday of October is the World Day of Architecture! We simply could not ignore this interesting event and have prepared for you a list of the most extraordinary architectural projects from "crooked house" in Poland to an office building in the form of a picnic basket in the United States.

Upside down house, fallen from the sky

French architect and designer Jean-Fran├žois Fourtou likes to surprise the audience with their interesting and extraordinary ideas. For example, in a project called "fallen from the sky" (Morocco), he designed the house upside down. Incidentally, in this interesting structure viewer gets a real fairy tale -Other, inverted world!

"House-pyramid": the architectural project by Juan Carlos Ramos

Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos presented an interesting project lady in the shape of a pyramid. (computer graphics)

Complex Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

If we talk about the most interesting and unique hotels in the world, the complex Marina Bay Sands in Singapore will be headed this list, because this is where visitors can swim in the pool, which is located at a great height! When viewed from a distance, it gives the impression that the water simply runs off the roof of the building, and the visitors threatened to fall out. In the catfish case it is not. Water flows into a special watershed.

Legoland - the dream of every child!

April 5, 2013 in Carlsbad, California, opened Legoland - the dream of every child! Plunge into a world made of Lego bricks can be anyone. The three-storey building is 250 full living rooms. Plus, the perimeter of the hotel you can find lots of great articles full of cubes of Lego!

It was a prison, and became a luxury hotel - Het Arresthuis

Het Arresthuis - a luxury hotel, which is located in the Netherlands. The main feature - it's not dorogushchee accommodation, or even a unique design (... although to some extent it can be called unique), and that in the 19th century it was a real prison! Of course, it is no longer functioning. Large investors decided to create something special. So he had the idea to rebuild the terrible prison building in a luxury hotel. The challenge for designers, architects and planners was not completely cross out the dark past, reversing the old building and build a prison on the basis of a full-featured hotel. And indeed, if you look at the corridor Het Arresthuis, you are sure to notice the features of the prison: the staircase and room arrangement.

Office building in a picnic basket

If you are tired of the monotonous kind of office building, in which you have to go to work, then you definitely need to move to the city of Newark, USA, Ohio. There you can rent an office in the building, which is one to one similar to the picnic basket! Next to it, anyone will feel like an ant who got to rest people. Creators and designers office building with unusual architecture is the Longaberger Company.

Old water tower into a modern house

With a light hand of the two owners of the old water tower in the center of London, Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce converted 19th-century building in the modern house. Just a few months designing and building - an old water tower transformed beyond recognition, becoming perhaps the most unique and unusual construction in England ...

Crooked House in Poland

Some houses are very boring. They build on the types of architectural projects. Some of the imagination of its height, some, on the contrary, its tiny size. But a house in a small Polish town called Sopot impresses with its unusual shape. The fact that the house was built literally curves! Hence the name of this unusual architecture: "Crooked House┬╗ (Krzywy Domek)

House - cloud

In Melbourne, Australia, the house was built with unusual architecture, the shape of which resembles a cloud. The creator of the house is a cloud-Mcbride Charles Ryan. The architect wanted to realize something unusual, radically different from the usual boring architecture. And it has a very well turned out.



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