The flight with their hands (44 photos)

Many parents complain that children are now only interested in computer games, but still remain the places where children can create something with their own hands. The model airplane circle Almaty Schoolchildren's Palace the boys (and not only they!) Learn to make helicopters and airplanes and launch their creations into the sky.

Alexei Fedorovich Oksenenko for more than forty years, teaches children the cause of his life - the design of flying models.

During the Soviet era aircraft modeling sport in Kazakhstan was a mass phenomenon: our team was part of the top five. Its team of modelers were in each region. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union there was a decline everywhere. At the beginning of the 90 national competitions going on just a few people. Fortunately, model aircraft sports in Kazakhstan, managed to revive. The guys have the opportunity not only to create the model, but also regularly train. In the club of model aircraft at the airport Bayserke has a playground with a special runway.

Himself Alexei Fedorovich became interested in modeling being the pupil of the first class. Together with his older brother wanted to join in the children's section at the technical railroad station. But just do not work out. There took older children. Only tears and mother's entreaties helped to join to aeromodelling. And as it turned out, it was not in vain. Hobby became a profession for Alexei Oksenenko. In 1967, he participated in the competition and reached the final Games. In 1975 he became a master of sports. And now, in addition to teaching children, Alexei Fedorovich headed avaiamodelnogo Federation of Sports of Kazakhstan, is the head coach of the Republican team and the national judge of the highest category. This is despite the retirement age - as long as there is no one to replace.

Younger shift - it's 25 guys from the model aircraft circle Almaty Schoolchildren's Palace. Several groups have engaged for two hours twice a week.

Aleksey Fedorovich assures that the simulation allows you to master many different specialties and main - teaches good judgment. The sport model airplane more than 20 disciplines. Basically, the model is divided into a free flying - it's gliders, Cordoba - those that are equipped with motor and remote control. Serious athletes are often themselves involved in the design and so are the masters of all trades.

First of all guys are taught to do the simplest turntable. Vystrugivaya them with a knife, children get their first experience of working with tools.

Alikhan is a novice. He came into the circle of model aircraft on the recommendation of a friend who has promised that there will be interesting. Alikhan although studies in the sixth grade, he had already decided that in future it will be a heart surgeon to treat parents as may be necessary. Here boy, in his own words, is planning to learn perseverance and accuracy.

Gradually tasks become more complicated. Next already more serious aircraft - Glider.

Seva Kim in many ways similar to his mentor. He, like Alexei Fedorovich, asked in a circle before reaching the age limit. In aircraft construction, as a rule, take the 4th grade. Younger children need more attention, and tools with which to work, not the safest.

Aleksey Fedorovich apparently remembering himself succumbed to the entreaties, but with one major condition: Seva had to deal with sottsom. So in this "faith" I managed to draw just two people. Now Seva independently collects quite complex in construction airplanes and participates in different competitions.

At the first stage the materials are not very sophisticated. Wooden frame, console from the straw Chii, which in Kazakhstan is enough.

Then basis of glider Mylar film adhesive qualities. The cost of it is not particularly large. Therefore, training in model airplane circle free. And, according to Alexei Oksenenko as comfortable as it is now, modelers never did. The current leadership of the palace of pupils and financial support circle, and the work does not interfere.

The guys who seriously carried away aeromodelling and reached some steps, really need the support. For example, the engine for the aircraft to collect Cordoba unlikely. And it costs about a hundred dollars.

Ilya Nenilin, according to his mentor, the perfect unique. He can perform successfully in almost any class of models.

Moreover, there is no difference for Ilya on what to "fly", whether it's a radio-controlled airplane or helicopter. It performs equally well on different techniques such models, aerobatics and accurately, without failures, returns them to the ground.

Putting serious models, sportsmen aspire to realism. At the competition is evaluated not only flying but also the quality of manufacturing airplanes. Now with the materials became easier, more can be ordered from online stores from anywhere in the world.

Previously, to get scarce item I could just riding out on the allied competitions. We had to negotiate with the sportsmen who had the opportunity to travel abroad and buy there everything is.

Iskander Absatarov also promising student. He has already managed to go from simple gliders to more difficult airplanes and even took first place in the competition model airplanes.

The guys who came to the club, the motives are very simple: to make their own alluring model that can take to the air. Yes, and it is encouraging to see parents as the child learns to do something with their hands.

The aeromodelling section come mostly boys. Tamiris - the only girl who has been here for aeromodelling. According to her, clothes design - normal hobby for a girl - just bored. Making planes much more interesting.

Now Tamiris creates his first glider and in the future wants to assemble a radio-controlled model airplane.

Create a plane - half the battle. To properly manage it, we need the utmost concentration and nerves of steel. And not to break the aircraft, created so much difficulty, novice pilots train on a computer simulator.

This rather heavy helicopter is designed specifically to use it to conduct a professional video shooting. One film company bought it for 30,000 dollars. But experts able to manage and maintain this model, are not included. Model airplane club has become the only place where they could help the filmmakers.

To raise in air such serious model, it will have to prepare as much as real helicopter. Especially because the goods: video camera or camera, it is necessary to return in one piece.

Unmanned aerial vehicles have become a profession Alexei Oksenenko Bush. It has long been bypassed his father's titles and awards, speaking in a variety of model aircraft sports disciplines.

Now Alex is engaged in designing multicopter specifically for shooting video from the air.

The new model will fly on the eight engines and be able to stay long enough in the air, and most importantly - to shoot smoothly, without jolting.

Remote control for complex model also requires preparation. According to the complexity of managing "toy" airplanes and helicopters is hardly simpler real aircraft.

In the windows of the studio one can see a beautiful model airplanes. And it works better than any advertising. A lot of guys come in a circle, crimson idea to do something like that.

Basically training model aircraft are in the warm season and a special airport. But sometimes guys have the opportunity to see such helicopter in operation and even try to manage it in the winter.

Alexey starts the engine of helicopter which is powered by fuel based on wood alcohol. To start the engine, it is necessary to roll out manually.

Iskander as the most experienced and promising pupil in the group has earned the right to the control panel. Now every second says that children and computer games - are inseparable. But the reality is not so simple. Suffice it to yourself to break away from the monitor and look out the window. You can fly past someone's dreams come true for children.



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