Professions distorting the psyche

Professions changing the human psyche
Each profession has always imposes a corresponding mark on the person, including the negative. Here is a small list of such professions.

As a rule, people are choosing this profession is very scrupulous and suspicious ("What if something happens ..."). Over time, these qualities often reach the point of absurdity that pushes the "normal" people, because even in personal relationships lawyers begin to look for some kind of trick. Finally, giperinformirovannost lawyers can easily turn them into gloomy "nerds».

Known joke that "accountant" - a "diagnosis". Indeed, some people in this profession so get used to your business image that even transferred meticulousness and "love" to the figures of privacy. Accountants have opened to do everything clearly and correctly, so that a new extreme and gives them the fear and very troubling. Over time, many people in this profession transformed into terrible snobs and bores. To avoid this, accountants need to periodically come off the market and to communicate more with the people, because otherwise there is a risk of being second Akaki Bashmachkin (hero of Nikolai Gogol's "The Overcoat"), whose world consisted only of letters and commas.

This refers to doctors who in their practice faced with serious illness, suffering and death. The doctor takes on great responsibility for patients. Often, indifference, cynicism and emotional closeness physicians only forced psychological defense against stress, time and again arise on the basis of ongoing monitoring of suffering.
Psychologists recommend that people with such a profession share more internal problems and feelings with loved ones, and do not forget the compassion, which are waiting for relatives. Service troubles and concerns should be left at work and beyond to try to scrupulously avoid additional stress.

A soldier
As is known, the military - people strictest discipline. Unfortunately, they often "build", even their loved ones, turning into a dictator's home, and even a tyrant. Psychologists say that the military in time acquire this type of professional deformation of the person, which is almost impossible to correct. Officer - a way of life.

People who choose the profession of journalist, as a rule, very modest and prefer to remain in the shadows ("He's in the main event, and I just take interviews"). In addition, they are curious. Of course, the journalistic practice all these qualities develops, the outcome of which is not always good. Man can hit in the egotism and outright faux pas, it can form a pathological setting, he does not live his life.

The people of this profession are often arrogant. Usually they inflated self-esteem, and is not dependent on the degree of professionalism. It is easy to be significant against the background of the child - the individual, is still far from revealing, and sometimes self-esteem of the teacher results in authoritarianism - if not in relation to the school's wards, then in relation to the household. Teachers are especially needed the ability to put yourself in the other person, as well as the cultivation of humility and tolerance.

It is no secret that many people who decided to become a psychologist, first of all want to look into ourselves and not the problems of future patients. In fact, because of the constant contemplation of another's deviation from its own "cockroaches" such people can never get rid of. Moreover, personal problems are often exacerbated. And thanks to the knowledge of human nature, psychology easily become manipulators, shamelessly using others for their own gain.
Psychologists should be a clear distinction between his professional and personal life, and learn not to take people only as a material for the next study.

Sell ​​goods, especially illiquid - is an art, in one way or another makes a person cunning, sly, and sometimes just to deceive. Experienced salespeople - people are usually quite savvy. Another disadvantage of the employees of the profession - excessive talkativeness and excessive virtuosity, which may cause unnatural in everyday life. Such people often recommend disengage from thinking about work.



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