Worst clips of all time

Under the new year rising wave of different tops and rankings - choose the best, the worst, the sexiest, the most non-sexual, stylish, clumsy ... music reviewer New Musical Express hastened to publish its list of worst video Speaker prefix "of all time." It includes as many as 100 video clips of different years and performers of different tribes and peoples. But, of course, publish it all here makes no sense, because it is bitter zhor traffic. We are interested in the "cream" of the rating, that is to say the top ten. We look from the bottom up

10th place - James Blunt «You're Beautiful». Th you guys crazy? For what this beautiful, sensual You are here? Well falls Blunt late into the icy water from the cliff, arms outstretched Aki bird pre-stripped to the pants, so what? It's his way of giving the listener to understand that for the sake of the beauty of which he sings, he is ready for anything. If he had turned the booty like Beyoncé «Telephone», I would have understood.

9th - The Fray - «How To Save A Life». The group is unknown to me, and the song was played in the television series "Grey's Anatomy." The video is quite normal, if you close your eyes to the singer, who by playing the piano, occasionally twitching as if he was stuck in his throat baby and he wants her to spit out. As for the rest - a standard clip without the storyline, the song is very beautiful

8 place - Christina Aguilera - «Not Myself Tonight». I think this video is here wrongly. Just this video from the category of "adults only." Or the guys from New Musical Express did not like the hairstyle a la Christina pudelek?

7th Pixies - «Velouria». Ha ha ha, and here I agree. It does not even clip and amateur video where a bunch of guys on the background of mountain scenery rushing right at you. By the way, this video from the distant 1990. Although, if you see him a few times in a row, it will mesmerize you and you'll be a nervous hand to poke the monitor to help the guy in plaid move through those rocks ... CDM

6th place - Razorlight - «Wire To Wire». Also quite normal clip. Guys tow matches in front of their faces and sing. Maybe they were on the list due to the fact that it is not allowed ticker at the bottom of the screen, "In case of fire call 01»?

5th place - Eric Prydz - «Call On Me». Ooh, this is the legendary music video! "Call me, call" - broadcasts Prydz on the background of erotic movements booty. I'm sure that at certain times the video has contributed to demographic growth in the country, for a man who is not at least a little excited while watching this clip - not a man)).

4th place - Lady Gaga - Judas. Mouth tear, morgaly vykoli those who placed this megaepichesky clip in the ranking. Immediately after the release of the video to Gaga traversed, saying that the clip - blasphemy, you burn in hell to simmer! And for what, exactly? Singer just interpreted the biblical story in the entourage of bikers. Let us then condemn everything that in any way affect the subject of religion into show business. Rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar" is considered a work of genius, and "Judas" Gaga might have to fit perfectly

3rd place - Susan Boyle. «Perfect Day». If instead of Boyle against the backdrop of an amazingly beautiful forests and seascapes dabbed his hands to his chest and was taken up to heaven look beautiful model, a video would be certainly among the best. Well, Susan was born ugly, but she sings something great! Adding to this clip in the worst rating - a spit in the face of Boyle

2nd place - Kings Of Leon - «Radioactive». One concert Kings Of Leon was frustrated because suddenly swooped a flock of pigeons and hard obhezala musicians and their equipment on stage. Doves - they know where to aim. Perhaps the bird looked this clip

1st place - Rebecca Black - «Friday». A huge Faile compilers top. This song has already been recognized as the worst video on YouTube, and the worst song, and the worst debut. It is generally necessary to erase from the annals of the history of show business and to forget that it ever was

In general, disappointed once New Musical Express. Good clips called bad, shitty clips ignored. Here, with this, for example, what do we do:

or this ...


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