Baby Gaga - a unique cream from breast milk

Manufacturer of ice cream and a bar Icecreamists, located in Covent Garden, in 2011 issued an ice cream from breast milk of women called Baby Gaga. As soon as it is 14 £ ($ 21) per serving.

Victoria Haley, initiator of Baby Gaga, collected 30 fluid ounces of milk - a sufficient amount for making the first 50 servings. 1 ounce is equal to 0, 03 liters. The company wanted by women who can provide them with breast milk and paid £ 15 for every ten ounces extracted using a breast pump. Health lactating women who give milk ice cream, is checked in the same way as that of the blood donors. The milk was added Madagascar vanilla and lemon zest, and then the mixture was transformed into ice cream.

And now the waitresses dressed in the style of the singer Lady Gaga, is served in a martini glass filled with ice cream from breast milk (breast milk ice cream). Liquid nitrogen was poured into a glass via syringe. Baby Gaga can be served with whiskey or another cocktail on request.
Icecreamists founder Matt O'Connor is confident that his new ice cream will not only please customers amazing taste, but also benefit the public: "The Baby Gaga is extremely rich taste. The last hundred years with ice cream did not do anything interesting.


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