Smartflower – "flower" to get solar energy

If You want to get solar energy for your home, but a removable housing, or the roof falls a little light? Then you can use Smartflower POP. This is a great solution all-in-one. The device includes an integrated battery pack, which makes the unit independent from the grid day and night.

Smartflower POP was inspired by the sunflower, which after maturing its flowers rotate to follow the sun to obtain maximum solar energy. Smartflower POP has two movable axis that allows the system to automatically monitor the progress of the sun throughout the day. The first launch took place in Europe in 2014, but the company entered the North American market in 2016.

As a simple installation for the production of clean electricity, Smartflower comes in the form of a unified system, which will be ready in an hour. This is a standalone photovoltaic structure that maintains the connected device.

An additional advantage is that each unit has a specially developed battery that can provide electricity to the household even after sunset.

Independence is an important topic for us. We are interested not only in how to produce electricity in the best way, but to use it effectively, — said managing Director Alexander Swatek.

System produces from 3,400 to 6,200 kWh per year, which is why she will not be able to make the wearer is completely non-volatile, can significantly reduce electricity consumption. According to the latest data, the average energy consumption of an American household is around 10 000 kWh per year. The key to the solar system Smartflower POP is not her size, and the fact that it allows for more efficient use and better performance due to its design and sun tracking. published

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