Solar battery turns the sun

Helianthus annuus, sunflower or olive, has an interesting property: heliotropism. This property of plants to change the position under the influence of light was first described by Leonardo da Vinci, and the concept was introduced in the XIX century, Augustin de Candolle senior. This property has inspired the creators of the solar battery Smartflower - not for nothing that it is consonant with the Sunflower.

apparatus is relatively compact and can arise independently. Relative - because it can be transported to another place in the truck. It works independently - you need only turn, then "flower" monitors the position of the sun and turns to him to get the maximum light.

What Smartflower can: h4> - Monitor the position of the sun with the help of GPS, even in cloudy weather
- Self-cleaning.
- Feel the power of the wind and turn into a safe position.
- Folding and unfolding.

Features: h4> Rated power: 2, 13 kilowatts peak.
Rated power based on the dual-axis tracking of the sun: 3, 2 kilowatts peak.
Type of panels: single crystal.
Weight: 1000 kg
Temperature: from -20 ° C to +60 ° C
Fasteners: Six bolts.



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