Byrobot: quadrocopter to Chuck Norris and 6d-thinking

When a few years ago, came into possession of the first helicopter, just a thought, "Give a second, let's see who wins!»

(Weight quadrocopter Drone Fighter 25g, batteries 8d)

Recently Koreans pleased - in Moscow were specially sharpened under Fighting quadrocopter (Drone Fighter), and neubivaemye (several times at full speed, stuck it into the wall - it all like poking a finger into the blade - screw flies and easily put in place. A very important point - removes the fear of error / failure drone, which significantly increases the fan and motivation to learn, a kind of version of save / load in the real world. As well as fighting game mode allows to style "ram»)

What pleased:
Fighting. Finally, a fight. The load on the brain. Just did feel like the formation of new neural connections. Girls like. You can fly up (to distract from the project) and cause them smile The stabilization. Ideally, if you do not take action, the helicopter hangs at the point where the left. Two control modes: absolute coordinate system (right-left of the pilot) and relative (right-left on the course quadrocopter) < / Salto. (Plus megakrutoe automatic control of engine thrust and auto-alignment after the maneuvers) Camcorder. HD-camcorder (5g) A lot of spare batteries allows you to fly continuously indestructibility. Not soared completely about the fact that someone somewhere crashed (I have one hour flight about 100 & quot; (at) drops & quot; in the wall / pole / flower / cat) Easy guide to preparatory and workshops flight missions
 Habré already wrote about 20 professions of the future , one of them - "Operator drone." Just Habré have sensible recommendations novice pilots drones . In Voronezh already prepare such specialists since 2013. So buy yourself your children quadrocopter. This is for educational purposes only.

Under the cut description of the battle Drone Fighter, a few pictures and a lot of video

Byrobot company was founded in 2011. in South Korea and a few years all the projects developed flying robots Institute KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology). The company has a large number of patents for its development in the following areas: mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, anti vibration, digital electronics, sensors and cameras, optical tracking sensors, satellite navigation, IMU, AHRS

Dimensions Drone Fighter

(Basic equipment) i>

While preparing the review, there was a new packaging and new batteries

The batteries are now fully in the plastic housing, "sit firmly," looks solid.

Protecting flexible and bends, allowing painless bump

Top view

(40 LEDs - shines like a fur-tree toy) i>

Bottom view

(two IR diode trehpinovy ​​connector for battery, micro-USB. You can update the firmware via the computer by USB) i>

Rear view

(IR sensor detects contact "with the tail») i>

(engine in a flexible protective casing. "Brains" drone themselves regulate engine speed to compensate for the change in lift when maneuvering. The pilot does not regulate the engine speed, and operates habitual actions - a climb or descent, and so on. This also applies to the turnover of 360 (flip, flip) - this action is performed by pressing buttons spirit, and alignment is automatic) i>


(HD-camcorder with removable flash drive 4GB) i>

(set of "skins" (stickers on the body) i>

(The manual has several levels of this skill exercises (for beginners and aces) i>

(As long as you fly on one battery - the others being charged and you can fly almost without stopping. Replacing the battery takes 3 seconds. The battery lasts for 10 minutes of the flight.) I>

The battle system h4> Each Drone Fighter is equipped with infrared LEDs that allow you to do 10-15 shots "missiles", then you need some time to recharge.

In order to hit the enemy, you need to get close to him back (to quadrocopter, of course) and shoot at the "tail" (where the directional infrared sensor hits).

(6 lives) i>

After 6 hits struck quadrocopter loses control and performs an automatic landing, flashing LEDs and vibrating joystick.

Battle 2x2 h4> < br />

Dog flight h4> < br />

superb h4> As fighting game by pressing a combination of the joystick, you can get a special bonus (defense missiles, bombs, kick Chuck Norris, etc.)

Flip h4> Kvadrakopter does "flip" a single keystroke

assembly-disassembly h4>

Laser Sight h4> < br />

The teaching process and children h4>

(For convenience, there is a mode simulator training on the computer. This way you can practice management in the metro and in the classroom.) I>

Children make flip

children are taught in a few minutes

at the same time you can tell the story of aerodynamics and geometry wing

Lingual buzz and enchanting hanging in the air attracts the attention of everyone in the room. Quadrocopter has some magical ability to cause the curiosity of others. There is a strong desire to learn flying, although the brain at the same time perfectly loaded (pumped ability to predict the 3 steps forward, as the logic of flying in the air means cunning inertia in all directions). Toy with the maximum degree of freedom, perfectly develops 3d 6d-thinking, and the presence of adversarial component gives it a chance to social effect (by the way, the developers talking about the web component, where you can create your profile, participate in the rating and which records all the battles and achievements) .
I want to thank the representatives of the Russian company Byrobot , that brought data drones to Moscow and secured joy inner child.

PS. B> There is a funny effect of "sticking to the ceiling." If close (1-2 cm) to fly up to the ceiling, the helicopter "sticks" to the surface and thrust "down" is not enough to "break away" (see some edge effect occurs), we have to fit under it, turn the engine off and catch manually .

P.P.S. B> value Drone Fighter in Moscow - 7400 rubles

very consistent



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