Video broadcast with quadrocopters for $ 75? Watch Syma X5SW

Hello, GeekTimes! B> This is the first post on the service to select quadrocopters Dronk.RU and today I want to talk about quadrocopters, I was waiting for more than all the quadrocopters that I bought earlier. And to be honest, really I hoped he did not disappoint. Last week, he finally arrived at the address, so that I now present to you: Syma X5SW

Prior to that I had been Syma X5S, which is made of plastic and good practice has shown himself as neubivaemy apparatus, of course, if do not take into account the manifold of the engine, which all cost quadrocopters periodically burn, but if you are able to solder the wiring or know who might have done it, the replacement engine will cost you a few dollars.

So, what the seller promises a new Syma X5SW:
1. 0.3MP camera, but that takes in HD
2. Video recording 30 minutes
3. The "flip", ie quadrocopter can tumble apart
4. Gyro 6 axes, which promises stable flight
5. Good LEDs to fly at night
6. Charge the battery to 120 minutes (2 hours I mean)
7. Flight time: 5-6 minutes
8. The distance of flight of 50 meters
9. Live broadcast of the flight (FPV)

In addition to the new model, they added a long legs, protecting engines from dirt and set replenished with 3 batteries 500mAH. The whole body has become more "pot-bellied", which, I think, gives it greater solidity. And, of course, the most important function - it FPV, which is definitely the first thing to check on the speed of response, because the signal is transmitted via WiFi.

It is also worth noting that the producer excluded MicroSD-card on board quadrocopters. Video is transmitted and written directly to your smartphone.

Now check all 9 stated qualities. B>
1. 0.3MP camera, but that takes in HD
I do not know why the manufacturer wrote HD, but the fact is that this video really looks good on the phone, but when you transfer it to the big screen - we see it:

2. Video recording 30 minutes
Given the quality of the video recording I have no idea under what circumstances may need to record 30 minutes, although perhaps it would be useful to "spy" who wants to fly somewhere, put quadrocopter and quietly observe someone recording a long video. In this case, everything is OK - 30 minutes easily written, and then you can and still 30 minutes until the end of space on your card.

3. The "Flip» , ie quadrocopter can tumble apart
Like the previous version, this "puzatik" can be fun and somersaults in the air:

In this video broadcast course continues on a screen phone fun to watch the flight and try to stabilize themselves in the picture with the phone.

4. Gyro 6 axes , which promises stability flight
Everything is fine. Sima easily take off from any roll, regardless of in which direction the screws. That is, toss and add gas - Sim stabilized and fly. Very impressive looks.

5. Good LEDs , to fly at night
Illumination is really bright, night flying is possible, but the main thing that the light of day quadrocopter perfectly visible in the air and do not confuse where red lights, but where green. Standard colors, like a phantom: red front, behind the green.

6. Rechargeable batteries 120 minutes
Charge here from USB-lace, so long enough, but the duration of about 2 hours my tests confirm.

As soon as the flame goes out - charging is complete.

7. Flight time: 5-6 minutes
The original battery on 500mAH lasted 5 minutes 30 seconds, the battery high capacity 650mAH (breaks sim) I turned the flight around 8 minutes. It should be noted that in this version of the manufacturer has changed the storage battery box and now it looks like a smaller version of the DJI Phantom, but most importantly, it allows the use of high-capacity batteries and 650 is not the limit.

8. Flight distance of 50 meters
To check the flight range, I found a line about 100 meters, said middle (50 meters) and flew ... But then the manufacturer is not cunning, exactly 50 meters at a time and stops broadcasting and the range of the remote. I think it is made to quadrocopters less to lose, and users do not swear on the picture disappears, then, within 50 meters but fly very comfortable.

Obviously, it was specifically added as the previous version without the FPV (Syma X5C) 100-150 meters flying without problems, but without translation course.

9. Live broadcast of the flight (FPV)
Certainly a major innovation in the Syma X5SW is an online broadcast, and me personally, it gave a lot of pleasure, because:
1. wallpaper peredёtsya virtually no delays due to separate the extracted transmitter:

2. If you adapt himself, it turns out to fly on the picture phone, though of course the viewing angle is not "goproshny" and it is not enough. But I flew along the tracks in the park and feeling very pleasant, as the speed quadrocopter develop decent and bends you come along with it. :)

For my money quadrocopter it was very good, though better to be what we are buying, so as not to rely on the fact that you can shoot great videos for YouTube.

Compare it can Cheerson CX-30W , but the response to pictures CX-30 is not pleased, delay it is very obvious, and the level of the transmission signal from the Sims similar to WLToys V686G , which is sold directly to the monitor. But we V686G not pleased with the quality of its plastic, but on the contrary Syma famous quality material. Screws practically impossible to break, and the body tactile pleasant and looks expensive.

With regard to governance, due to the adequate size and good stabilization - Managing it is very simple. My girlfriend has mastered control of 5 minutes.

So if you need a mid-size quadrocopter which can run both at home and on the street, you want to try for flights FPV and you have little experience in managing quadrocopters - Syma X5SW excellent choice.

Thank you all for reading and see you on the pages GeekTimes blog Dronk.Ru



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