Polaroid cameras in 2016

Known Polaroid company has come a long way of development, experiencing many ups and downs. With her camera instant print pictures begins the history of modern photography. And even in 2016 Polaroid confidently kept afloat, delighting users with quality products and competing with the giants of advanced digital technologies.

little history
Polaroid company was established in 1937 by the American scientist and inventor Alvin Herbert Land (Edwin Herbert Land). From childhood he was experimenting with a kaleidoscope and stereoscope. Being a student at Harvard University, Land invented the world's first synthetic polarizing material, an idea which became the basis for the company.

Initially engaged in the production of Polaroid sunglasses and polarized glasses for different purposes for devices and military equipment. But since 1948, the era of the most cameras with snapshots. The incredible popularity of such vehicles quickly made the company leader in its sphere.

In the 70-80-ies of the turnover from the sale of photographic equipment and accessories Polaroid reached $ 3 billion a year.

Polaroid AUTOMATIC 100 *, which to this day can be found on sale.

The most successful products were Polaroid Swinger camera (due to cheap) and the SX-70 *. This is a full reflex camera, made of steel and glass, with inserts of leather. In the '70s, this camera is a standard industrial design.

Advertising Polaroid
In the 90's the company's success had begun to wane. Actively developed digital photography, which is gradually displacing the film cameras. But Polaroid made a breakthrough in 1999, when the digital camera released I-zone *. The model has sold more than 10 million copies. True, after the release of the camera for the company fell on hard times.

From 2001 to 2008, Polaroid declared bankruptcy three times. But in 2013 the situation changed again for the better, when the owners of the company have become influential Americans Polad family (they own the Marquette Companies Investment Fund). Polaroid like "reborn" From that time. And in the world of photography to renewed interest in the technique of instant printing.

Modern cameras Polaroid
In the second decade of the XXI century Polaroid brand has released a number of cameras that have attracted the attention of users.

In 2013 the company presented the first camera with interchangeable lenses, running the Android operating system -. Polaroid iM1836 *

The technical characteristics of the camera offers: a matrix of 18, 1 megapixel lens with 3x optical zoom, 3, 5-inch touchscreen display with multitouch support, HDMI connector and a slot for microSD memory card (supports up to 32GB). The device is able to record video in Full HD.

Last year, the company released a compact (132 mm x 132 mm x 30 mm) camera instant print Polaroid Snap *. At its core, the device is a prototype of the first modern cameras Polaroid, making snapshots.

Camera features include: the presence of cameras at 10 megapixels, touch screen size of 4, 5-inch, Android OS support, a built-in LED flash, the ability to shoot in different modes, the transmission of images by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB cable. The recording on the microSD memory card.

Polaroid Snap - bright, comfortable and easy to use. He takes in a digital form, has a built-in printer, with which you can immediately receive high-quality images. Print uses a proprietary thermal paper Zink (86 mm x 54 mm).

Next model - Instagram-camera Socialmatic *, which was the transition to a social network from the Internet in real life. The design of the camera is made in the form of application icons, and printed color images - in square ramkah.Deviz project sounds so: «Shoot. Print. Share »(« Take off. Prints. Share the »).

The technical characteristics of the camera provides a resolution of the matrix of 14 megapixels, front camera is 2 megapixels, touch screen 4, 5-inch, 1080p video recording formats, 720p and VGA. Built-in memory - 4 GB. It works with OS Android 4.4.2. Supports GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. The Polaroid Socialmatic, as in Snap, has a built-in printer.

For those who lead an active lifestyle and is in constant motion, the company released an action-camera Polaroid Cube *.

The model is incredibly compact and tiny (just 35 mm), but with a durable, shock-resistant and waterproof case. Matrix resolution is 5 megapixels. The camera has a wide angle lens with a review of 124 °, the focal distance has 3, 4 mm. It is possible to video mode Full HD. Internal memory is 32 MB, but it can be increased up to 32 GB.

The Polaroid Cube is present magnetic mount, with which it is possible to attach the camera to a metal object.

This concludes the overview of the most popular photographic Polaroid. But the company's activities continue and is the first time will present their products at the annual CES. So that in the future we will see interesting and budgetary trends from Polaroid.

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