The Polaroid Z2300 is the first of a new generation of instant cameras

At the time, Polaroid cameras, allows you to do snapshots, were very popular. However, they could not compete with digital cameras, and a few years ago, the firm that produced them, even declared bankruptcy. However, recently resuscitated the company Polaroid introduced the Z2300 camera is the first of a new generation of instant cameras.

In a review of gadgets and devices presented at CES 2012, we talked about the concept of the camera the Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera, created on the basis of the Android operating system and linked to the accounts of its owner in social networks. A few days ago the Polaroid company made a presentation of the product – Polaroid Z2300, allowing to make snapshots.

In principle, every modern digital camera takes pictures, which you can see on her screen. But the Polaroid Z2300 will then print the best of them.

To carry out this action is possible thanks to the miniature printer, using Zero Ink technology, and integrated into the body of the camera Polaroid Z2300.

Recall that the Zero Ink printer no need to fill paint. Everything you need to on paper appeared the image is in the paper. Namely, there are special crystals of various colors which manifest themselves under the action of the thermal emission of the printer. A few years of its existence, the Zero Ink technology has made a huge qualitative leap forward, so now you can use it to take photos, not unlike the printed on regular photo printers.

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