Sahara Forest Project – and in the desert will be Apple blossom!

Fifty six million one hundred seventy eight thousand one hundred sixty five

Scientists believe that several millennia ago the Sahara was not a desert with a few oases, and a blooming garden with forests, lakes and rivers. But destructive Human activities have led to the fact that it was all destroyed. Now people want to at least partially restore the main desert of the world to its former beauty with the help of project Sahara Forest Project.

We have already talked on Novate.Ru about the project involving the installation in the Sahara many square kilometers of solar panels to bring electricity to Africa and Europe. However, since then the project has expanded and received very promising title — Sahara Forest Project.

Sahara Forest Project involves the creation of the Sahara (and other desert parts of the planet Earth) tens, hundreds and thousands of artificial oases. They will be the tanks with water and green spaces, and large arrays of solar panels.

In these oases will be used and the ocean salty sea water purified in the same place (such complexes should initially be located not very far from the coast). Moreover, it is useful not only for watering trees and provide water to the people, but also to adjust the climate cooling and technical installations. Fertile soil is for this object will be imported from the outside – it will turn recycled waste largest cities in the world.

These artificial oases become centers of life in the desert, around which will be established settlements, trade and logistics facilities.

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