Braille Sight glasses for blind people

If you are blind, it does not mean that you don't want to dress fashionably, and certainly does not mean that you don't want to know what is happening in the world around you. Here, in order to combine these two legitimate desires, just created a concept called Braille Sight.

These glasses are designed to people with vision problems can enjoy the beauty of the world around themselves while looking quite interesting, stylish. Braille Interpreter consists of two parts. The first frame that you want to wear on the head, as, in fact, worn glasses. It will be built in the camera, removing the space around and converts this information into a digital stream.

This stream is wirelessly transmitted to the second part points Braille Interpreter – the plate, which using points in the playback image. To read it, a person with vision problem will be enough to skim the surface of the hands. If you do this regularly, even a blind man will thus get a kind of replacement for the missing vision. Of course, this method of obtaining visual information is still far from ideal, but it is much better than no idea how the world looks around.

Plate with reproduced image can be kept in pocket and refer to it only in cases when this is absolutely necessary, but you can keep in hand. The second is especially important during walking and meeting people.

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