Forest giraffe

Legs and neck in the Okapi a few oblong. On the hind legs and rump bizarre black-and-white stripes like a Zebra that makes the animal extremely amazing. Okapi have a short velvety coat is chocolate brown with a reddish tint. As usual in nature, the females somewhat larger than males. White-brown head Okapi with big ears full of charm.

Narrow muzzle and large black eyes moist call tender feelings for the animal. Congo is the only place on Earth inhabited by the Okapi, and their capture for zoos is impossible because of their large sensitivity to the change of scenery. The nature of the Okapi is very shy. Though they are diurnal, but still, try to wander deeper into the jungle. Like giraffes, okapis eat tree leaves.

The diet also contains a variety of herbs, fungi, ferns and fruit. The language of the Okapi is very long and agile. It's so long that the Okapi easily washes them your eyes.In contrast, relatives of giraffes, Okapi alone. Only in the mating season they form pairs.

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