22 animals, which you did not know

For those who think I've seen everything in this life, and it does not udivit.V depths of the sea, the forests of Madagascar and the African savannah animals live very exotic appearance. For the photographer, these strange little creatures - a godsend. And for accidentally stumbled on the image in the user's network - a real puzzle: Photoshop or reality?

On the creation of these strange little animals bothered by nature. No Photoshop.

Website is the most bizarre 22 photos, but quite real animals in the world, the existence of which you probably were not even aware.

Snow koza

She seemed surprised as the photographer.

Fish mysh

She rozovoguby bat. Saltwater fish, but easily transfers the contents in an aquarium.


Her muzzle end coracoid outgrowth and long jaws are far from advancing. Pink flowers shark because the blood vessels shine through the translucent skin.


This insect, despite the name, is not really an ant and wasp-German.


Water Caecilians Atretochoana eiselti from family water caecilians.

Umbonia Spinosa

Sheep need this beetle to cut the shoots of plants, the juice of which it feeds.

Striped bristly ezh

It publishes chirping sounds like a rattlesnake.

Yazykan obyknovennyy

Butterfly of the family of hawk moths.

Blue drakon

One of the most beautiful but toxic marine inhabitants of the world.


This predator is able to strike with the force of bullets claws .22.

Venezuelan Horned motylek

More recently, open view moths.

Fish paku

Fish piranha family of different teeth, remarkably similar to human.

Giant izopod

The representative of crustaceans is constantly in a state close to hibernation, and can without harm to health do not have a few years.


From other antelopes excessively large and mobile nose.

Prickly bush gadyuka

It has unusually curved structure of the scales that give it a kind of bristly.

Blue fish popugay

The family includes about 80 species. All fish have a very bright and beautiful coloring.

Purple lyagushka

The only kind of purple frogs.


Or Royal heron.


Despite the fact that physique and markings okapi resemble horses, they belong to the family giraffidae.


Narwhals have only 2 upper teeth. Left develops in males tusk length up to 3 meters.


The name of the lizard was in honor of Moloch, which, according to tradition, human sacrifices.

Marine svinya

The name of the deep-sea animals received for tubular legs and a round body shape.

This plush cow from the 1st part of our podborki.

Plush cow should give condensed milk.

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