Reasons to go to North Korea right now

Korea again promises to start a war. But only if you will be released in the US comedy "Interview" of the attempted murder of Kim Jong-un. And until the war started, we have compiled a list of reasons why North Korea should leave as soon as possible

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1. The largest stadium in the world
May Day Stadium in Pyongyang and is a capacity of 150 thousand people. The total area of ​​the stadium - 207 thousand square meters, with a height of 60 meters (8 floors). The stadium was built in just two and a half years and put into operation in May 1, 1989. At the same time has complied with all the requirements for international football arena.

2. The ideal temperature
The average January temperature in Pyongyang -3 ° C during the day and -13 ° C at night, and the summers are hot and humid - the average August temperature in Pyongyang 29 ° C day and 20 ° C at night. Winter in Korea is warmer than in Russia, in the summer a little cooler. Change of weather, usually less sharp.

3. The most spectacular show in the world
Every year on May Day stadium held a massive musical and gymnastic performance, which is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most spectacular show in the world. Presentations involved nearly 100 thousand people - artists, dancers, musicians, students and schoolchildren. It is worth noting that the show, which takes place annually since 2005, this year canceled. Korean authorities are preparing him to replace another that will meet "the new system and the party program."

4. The Church is separated from the state
North Korea is a secular state, the majority of the population are atheists. The Constitution of the DPRK said that "citizens are guaranteed freedom of conscience." As a consequence, the church in North Korea has no influence on the state. Now North Korea has two Christian churches: one Catholic (the interests of the church is a Korean Christian Association) and one Orthodox (under the patronage of the Orthodox Committee of the DPRK).

5. Your Internet
In North Korea have limited access to the Internet. But the country has its own national computer network - Gwangmyeong. Responsible for the content of the network computer information center of North Korea: it downloads from the Internet ideologically neutral materials such as natural-scientific and technical information. Also in the network have their own social networks, dating sites and even private sites.

6. The most talented leaders
On the example of just one of Kim Jong-il can be seen that the DPRK - the birthplace of the most talented leaders. At the time of his birth in the sky lit up bright star, the seasons have changed places - winter turned to summer, and in the sky formed a double rainbow. He is credited with the invention of a hamburger, more than 1,500 books and six brilliant operas. It is known that during the first golf balls he scored once in 11 holes and then decided to complete a career, not to deprive other players a chance to win.

7. You can see the world's only captured American ship
North Korea - the only country in the world, which is captured by an American ship. Scout ship was captured in 1968. Sailors were able to return home only a year and ship "Pueblo" still stands at one of the piers in Pengyang. He became a monument to victory over American imperialism.

8. Even unicorns chose North Korea
In 2012, the world had spread the news that next to the church in Pyongyang Yonmenskim found the lair of a unicorn. The place was found on a stone, on which was written and "Lair of the Unicorn." It is at this unicorn ancient Korean king went Tonmen, who founded the kingdom of Koguryo in the III century BC - as stated in the book "Guide to Geography of Korea", dating from the sixteenth century. Contemporary Chinese archaeologists have officially confirmed the information of ancient colleagues, otherwise how to explain the discovery of atypical carved horn whose age goes back to the X century AD?


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