Meanwhile, in South Korea

I looked position on North Korea and was horrified poverty and contrast with the South, which was a month ago for work.

Will 60+ pictures and many beeches.

Korea is an island nation smeared on islands of various sizes connected by a huge bridge.

He was surprised when he saw standing right in the water pylon

The first thing you notice upon arrival - a sterile cleanliness absolutely everywhere.

From the airplane on the underground metro transported in the customs area.


90% of cars on the streets of this Kia and Hyundai.

Not a Toyota, Subaru and Lexus. Only a couple of Volkswagens of all time saw.

The roads are ideal everywhere.


Immediately after checking into the hotel were taken to the restaurant. Korean food is another story. 1 main course and the sea all snacks completely unexpected taste. And sweet and sour, and salty all at the same time sharp.

The usual street. HiTech in comics and anime.

Discrimination against women everywhere. The woman is only when a man, a woman takes, to wait on, silent.

Even at 4 toilets 3 male and 1 female.

The headquarters of LG. Koreans are very well respected by Samsung and LG. These megacorporations dragged on themselves the entire economy. Even toothpaste in Korea and that LG

As expected, on our arrival fell a record layer of precipitation (snow). All on summer tires, machines max. No heating equipment mirrors!



The courtyard inside the skyscraper resembles location of DeusEx


A typical store. Beer is $ 3-5. Local analogue vodka 19-23 degrees is 1, $ 2! It tastes like our vodka diluted with water.

(green plastic bottle bottom)

Oppa Ganges Mans stail!

At KFC gamburgenry fish and squid rings in batter !!!

All the Korean proved nezhdanchik.

The property in case of fire can be put on the belt and special hook caught on the window to jump voluntarily.

Morning. Government House.

Quite a lot of motorcyclists who are not looking at the snow wearing gloves and went about his business.

We pass ginseng plantation. He does not like direct sunlight, and grow under the canopy.

(I apologize for some confusion, spread in chronological order)

Car Samsung (copy Nissan Almera)

Something for which went to Korea =)

View on North Korea. 80 km in a straight line.

Another kind of border along the coast.

National cafe


Required slippers. It is ridiculous to look with a business suit and tie.

I took a chance and tried it. At absolutely no taste.

Awesome fish with beer.

All the products are fresh, relatively cheap, prepared right in front of you.

Night was falling.

In search of adventure drove to Itevon Street. The street is located near the US base located in. Probably half of North Korea's missiles aimed it here.

Very funky outfits.

Garbage some

Local Flavor

Bars on the street. The new clip PSY any. I did not dare to go, but went out business in a coat and tie. People in full.

Back to the subway. Nichrome is not clear where to go.

Almost nobody speaks English but always come up and try to help.

The metro has it all! Shops, free toilets and all that is necessary for life. As always perfectly clean. Everyone sits buried in the flagship samsungi.

Compare prices, we have about 300 $ S3 is cheaper than in Korea O_o

Free toilet in the subway (which savagery!)

Nyashki beer

Cthulhu release did not fearing for the fate of the world.

Parking at the hotel.

About how!

The church with the largest number of parishioners in the world.


The hotel is directly opposite the church. A bunch of retirees after the service go to the bathroom in 5 star hotel. Nobody repels no one steals the toilets. All decorum and naturally.

Kia Ray near the KIA, such a miracle had not seen before.

Dumped in the bar. The whiskey-set for $ 120 includes:

0, 5 local whiskey,

fruit and vegetable dish and ...

girl on the hour.

At first she did not understand what for us. It turns sitting nearby, adds, drinks with us from small glasses, laughing at jokes type something and understand changes every 20 minutes to the other.

3 sets to overpower the three went looking for adventure and teach our Korean partners great and mighty.

Simple words partners learned once and could even write your own!

The morning was heavy and it took local counterparts brine.

The Koreans were late for half an hour and is carried all the way to the airport we tried to die.

On the plane we managed with great difficulty.

Traditional Wedding at the airport.

That's all I wanted to say!



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