North Korea has mastered Facebook, invites

One of the most closed countries in the world - North Korea - is becoming more open to the world, and even invites visitors to her. To this end, the Belarusian partners Koreans opened the Russian-language account on the social network Facebook: Welcome to North Korea . As рассказали at a press conference in Minsk , administrator tape Facebook - a fictional character on Kim Do Before, under his name it has several comrades, a pretty good command of Russian.

The film FB is a lot of interesting facts about the country. For example, it is the only country in the world where there is no tax. Or that they have not decided to change jobs, "Working in a company you gain experience and friendly relations with colleagues, but if you start working in a different place, it will have to start his career from scratch. But does that very few people, because withdrawal from work - this is a betrayal of all the people who stood side by side for many years ».

lonely girl in North Korea are usually long hair, married - on the contrary. "Therefore, we easily find a girl without offending her» i>

Interestingly, according to one study of happiness in different countries of the residents of the DPRK самые happy in the world after Chinese . "The DPRK has sharply condemned comrades desire for money and material things. We are honest, conscientious person - is the one who tends to the development of spirits rather than acquiring things. Man is valuable not his wealth, and his modesty desires ».

Of course, a lot of messages in the film is dedicated to Kim Jong Ynu. Father of the Nation does not neglect all industries. For example, he recently провёл check beverages Chhasonskoy food factory. "A great leader highly appreciated the quality and taste of vodka - thus he inspired hope and confidence in the business for the factory workers».

In September, Kim Jong-un ordered the creation of a new main female ensemble Chongbong replace loved by many Moranbong, participants who were married (one of them - for most of the Great Leader).

For comparison, here are one of the songs Moranbong on New Year's concert: it is devoted to the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, which leads the audience in frantic ecstasy.

In the streets of Pyongyang ездят Solar-powered buses ...

... But vehicular traffic is regulated mainly by the inspectors-girls, "whose beauty can not be ignored».

"So go on our city becomes doubly interesting and the drivers are happy," - writes in up to Kim.

And the most important thing. Now North Korea's science and technology - the priority line of development. "The majestic temple of science is built on Oct. 28, 2015. And exactly this date will go down in the history of the country. Our new research center covers an area of ​​106 thousand square meters! There you will not see anywhere else! »

Last News in Pyongyang - "street scientists" with a few skyscrapers. "Soon there will be allowed to live the smartest scientists of the country", - said the blog.

P.S. From 10 to 16 December in Minsk held a week North Korea. We can already draw Aviatour the country prosperous communism where wages give out coupons for food.



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