Musk and Altman founded a non-profit organization OpenAI to create AI that will save humanity

Elon Musk has never hidden fears about artificial intelligence. A year ago, he predicted the emergence of "something very dangerous in the range of 5-10 years." Before that Musk called artificial intelligence "man-demon."

It is clear that technological progress does not stop. A simple prohibition on research will do nothing. Perhaps that is why Elon Musk with several partners founded a non-profit organization OpenAI , which will be open to explore the most advanced and potentially dangerous form of artificial intelligence.

Co-Chair OpenAI with Elon Musk appointed Sam Altman, CEO of startup incubator Y Combinator. Among the sponsors - a number of influential figures in Silicon Valley, including businessmen, Peter Thiel and Jessica Livingston.

Sam Altman suggested that the nature of Open Source, that is, open-label studies of AI - a way to hedge the risk of humanity against a single centralized artificial intelligence: "Just as protection against Dr. Evil is the fact that most of us - good people, but in the mass Humanity may contain bad elements, and many, many AI will work against random bad AI. In our opinion, it is easier to stop it, than in the presence of a single AI is a billion times more powerful than anything else, "- said Altman in the интервью Backchannel.

The official announcement on the basis of the organization said: "Due to the unpredictable history of AI, it is difficult to predict when you may receive a human-level . When that happens, it will be important to have at the disposal of mankind's leading research institute, which is able to put priority on winning all their own interests ».

Now the development of AI engage in commercial corporations such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Of course, they put their financial gain above the interests of humanity. Appropriately they will act by AI. Non-profit organization OpenAI with open-source alternative to try to confront the corporations. All studies in the framework of the Institute OpenAI will be published in the public domain. The three aforementioned corporations also periodically share with the world developments on AI, but there is no guarantee that they will continue to do so as they will pose a serious commercial value.



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