5 tips what to do if bitten by a tick?

Tip 1

The best option is to go to a medical facility, where "operation" for the removal of this small beetle will hold securely. But mostly, to the clinic far as ticks are found mainly in the forests outside the city.


Tip 2

Don't panic, anyone can deal with this nuisance himself. Wash your hands, take a strong string and try to tie her knot on the body of the tick, as close to his nose. Now you have to gently pull the parasite, trying not to do with the sudden movements, so as not to break his body and leave the head under the skin.

Tip 3

If there is a thin tweezers, you can use it. Try to tightly embrace a pair of tweezers protruding from the skin of the body of the beetle and "Unscrew" counterclockwise.


What to do if the tick all-taki has torn during removal, under the skin and left head?

Tip 4

It has to come out. To do this, handle the affected area of skin with alcohol, calcined needle on the fire, and also rubbing alcohol, and then carefully remove the head, which is similar to the black point, as well as remove the pain. Keep the heads required, it is in the salivary glands of the parasite is the bulk concentration of the virus.

Tip 5

After removal don't throw the parasite! Put it in a jar or bottle on dampened cotton wool and lock well cap. Then should you need to carry it for analysis to the lab, and if you can't take the tick immediately – save "animal" in the fridge. The result of the analysis needed in the first place You – to make sure that the tick was not encephalitis.

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