Geneva-2016: tires of the future

At the Geneva motor show 2016 Goodyear has presented its vision of the role of tires in support of the first generation of unmanned vehicles. Conceptual Goodyear tires IntelliGrip, equipped with super modern sensory technology designed to support Autonomous driving. Because the unmanned vehicles rely on data from other vehicles, drivers, pedestrians and "smart" cities, tires like the Goodyear IntelliGrip can play a key role in this exchange of information.

According to the world economic forum, unmanned vehicles will become the urban reality in the next 10 years. In addition, research 2015 U.S. Tech Choice Study from the organization J. D. Power indicates that consumers consider the collision avoidance is most important on the background of changes in the automotive industry.

"The constant decrease in the influence of the driver and his intervention in the control of unmanned vehicles will lead to the fact that the tires will play an increasingly important role directly related with the road, – said Joseph Zekoski, senior Vice President and chief technical officer of Goodyear. – Further conceptual Goodyear tires will play a dual role. On the one hand, they are a way of expanding the boundaries of traditional thinking, and with another – a platform for testing technologies of the future."

Thanks to sophisticated sensor technology and a specially designed tread tire Goodyear IntelliGrip can identify a number of road parameters including road surface condition and weather conditions. IntelliGrip also uses the advanced technology of active wear based on sensor technology for the monitoring of tread wear and tire pressure. This is done in order to assess the condition of the tires and the vehicle. In Goodyear has developed special algorithms to account for such variables as the pressure and temperature of tires, to help better assess her condition and, as a result, to optimize the control system of the Autonomous vehicle.

In addition to measuring the condition of the tyre and the road, Goodyear IntelliGrip also able to communicate with the Central computer of the car. This can improve performance and enhance security. When the tire is on wet or slippery roads, unmanned vehicle adapts its speed. In addition, it should reduce the braking distance, to provide better handling in corners, optimise directional stability and even help system of prevention of collisions.

Goodyear also works with many car manufacturers to adapt this technology to their needs by improving their interaction with the system of exchange rate stabilization, control of brakes and suspension.

Microchip IntelliGrip developed together with Huf, a leading global manufacturer of mechanical and electronic locks, system monitoring tire pressure and communication technologies for the automotive industry.

The second innovation is the concept of the Eagle bus-360. Spherical, printed on a 3D printer tire is the epitome of a long-term vision of the company Goodyear and a great example of a solution that is gaining popularity as the proliferation of unmanned vehicles.

The unique shape of tires Goodyear Eagle 360 will be able to ensure the safety and the maneuverability in accordance with the requirements of unmanned vehicles. The spherical shape of the tire is the main condition for ensuring a perfect manoeuvring. The tires move in all directions, ensuring safety for passengers. Technology Active technology allows the tire to move in such a way to increase the stability of the vehicle during emergency situations on the road such as a thin, invisible ice on the road surface, a sudden obstacle, which contributes to the safe movement.

Besides, the spherical shape Goodyear Eagle-360 provides a smooth ride, creating a soft lateral movement. This allows the car to go around obstacles, without changing the trajectory.

Finally, since the tire can be rotated 360 degrees, in the future it may allow you to narrow Parking places, because the cars equipped with the spherical tire will need less space for maneuvering when Parking. Given that the availability of Parking spaces will continue to play an important role in these tires will increase the Parking capacity without increasing their size.

The bus connection with the vehicle using magnetic levitation technology

Goodyear tires Eagle-360 is connected to the vehicle using magnetic levitation technology, which is in particular used in trains on magnetic cushions that can improve passenger comfort and reduce noise.

"Despite the fact that the tyre is the absolute concept, it reflects the innovative vision of Goodyear and demonstrates methods of solving future problems drivers. According to the results of our new study, young drivers are considered high-tech cars are an integral part of future mobility, and reliability and safety remain key priorities. We are convinced that the concept of the Eagle bus-360 can be a safe and sustainable solution for our customers, which in the future will travel on a driverless car as drivers or passengers, said Jean-Claude Keane, President of Goodyear EMEA. We also hope that this concept will be a source of inspiration for other companies of the industry, and together we will continue to seek solutions for the future."

Biomimicry – inspiration given by the nature

The basis of design elements Eagle-360 is a biomimicry – the imitation of natural forms – the principle that the Goodyear company often uses its products. The tire tread pattern mimics the brain coral, and mixed blocks and tread grooves provide a secure and safe grip. The bottom of the tread grooves the same elements that can be found in a natural sponge. They harden in dry weather and soften when wet, ensuring optimal vehicle control and preventing aquaplaning. Tread also allows you to effectively drain water away from the tire surface by using the centrifugal force, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning. published


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