VAZ 2121 "Niva"

Today in the supermarket choosing a child a toy and was surprised to find the following:

Certainly laugh heartily, and then became interestno what kind of performance actually is and how many Chinese friends turned out to be wrong on a lot:

Speed ​​indicators VAZ 2121 (4x4) 1.7 i

Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h,. 19
The maximum speed, km / h. 137 and then actually on the machine itself:

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VAZ-2121 is completely original, pure vazovskaya design, entirely developed by factory engineers. Born car in those early years, as they say in one breath. In 1972, the first two "crocodile" quickly proved its right to its rightful place under the sun.

The following year the car has got a metal roof and its own, which soon became a famous name - "Niva". The matter proceeded so quickly that in January 1974 the car was presented to the state tests. And incandescent sands of Turkmenistan, and dizzying heights of Pamir (with altitude passes to 4600 m) car was at home.

The compact SUV VAZ-2121 "Niva" with a monocoque body is considered to be the most original and successful development of the domestic automotive industry. In April 1977 "Niva" has made on the world market caused a sensation unique to his time combination passenger comfort and high cross at more than competitive price (but only beyond the borders of the Soviet Union). "Niva" almost did not have analogues in the world automotive industry practice! In 1980, the car "VAZ-2121? awarded the gold medal of the 53rd International Fair in Poznan.

No other Russian cars up close and had such success in the international arena. In "Autoexport" proposals come from various corners of the globe. There were also two special export version: VAZ-21211 with the 1.3-liter engine (for countries with expensive fuel and higher taxes on engine size) and VAZ-21212 with the right wheel. The latter, incidentally, enjoyed very good demand in England. Rapidly growing export volumes. In the late 1980s - early 1990s. he sometimes exceeded 50% of the issue. Over the years the production of more than one and a half million vehicles produced were exported over 500 million in more than 100 countries.

"Field" - terrain vehicle with permanent all-wheel drive can not be disabled (SUVs to "Niva" was only a "Range Rover") with interaxle lockable differential and transfer case with down-side. This power unit was taken from the mass model "Zhiguli" VAZ-2106, and "razdatka" was connected to the transmission intermediate driveshaft.

Many foreign firms offered tuning for "Niva" successful plastic kits obveski and other types of finishing, for example, is not an extra, extra sound insulation. Some made it to the base, even pickups. By the way, with the 90s "Niva" - one of the favorite places for Russian tuning workshop. By design, the VAZ-2121 was the most unified with the "Zhiguli" (according to the power unit, and many elements of the interior - the model VAZ-2106), but it was not quite justified, particularly in relation to a separate transfer case connected to a standard "Zhiguli" KP short driveshaft. In the absence of the mutual balance of these units, transmission awful noise. This unit was the "Achilles' heel" of the model.

In the 90s, with the termination of a number of parts shortage, "Niva" became the most accessible domestic SUV. The plant was opened on the basis of the ability to create "Niva" different, modifications demanded by the market, as well as to modernize the base model.

For example, in 1993 there was a transitional version of the VAZ-21219 with the old body and more powerful and high-torque 1, 7-liter carbureted engine "21213" equipped with a contactless ignition system. KP equipped overdrive 5th gear (though not all of its machines installed), the main steam ratios were changed from 4, 3 and 4, 1 and 3, 9, thereby reducing fuel consumption. In addition, between "razdatkoy" and CP began installing the main shaft with constant velocity joints from "Oka", which is somewhat reduced noise and vibration.

As a result of modernization in 1993, it came to light a new model of "Taiga", which was given the code "VAZ-21213". This four-seater passenger car terrain with permanent all-wheel drive can not be disabled. From its predecessor "Niva" These models look like sisters, twins. VAZ-21213 received an upgraded body with a third door, reaching to the bumper (shipping anything in the luggage compartment has become much easier) and square instead of rectangular lights of the "six". The updated interior appeared modern instrument panel such as "2108", and also changed the front seats. Hard to believe that between the modifications 16 years. During these years the factory has not made almost no changes in the design of 2121.

Other intermediate version with the old one, 6-liter engine designated as VAZ-21217, and the export version with a diesel engine Peugeot 1.9 liter - 21215. Even this half-hearted modernization allowed the "Cornfield" successfully live up to the XXI century. But time takes its and modern requirements for passive safety "Niva" satisfies already struggling, however, export version were still able to bring to the EURO III standards for safety and emissions. By the way, landing, landing on fully foldable rear seat is very difficult, and the trunk was a small for a multi-purpose vehicle.

In the 90 export-produced version of the 21214-36 with the engine equipped with the central injection and catalytic converter. Then the engine upgraded by distributed injection and began to supply the domestic market and (without converter).

Tolyatti firm PSA "Bronto" since 1995 makes small series based on the "Field" on the elongated base 300 mm Collector armored car VAZ-212182 "Force" and "civil" version of the VAZ-212180 "Handicap". These models differ in comfort and smoothness at practically the same and maneuverability. Even longer (500 mm) five-door station wagons and pick-ups on the basis of "Niva" OPP makes "VAZ" and several small firms Togliatti (see. VAZ-2131).

"Field" is not designed for constant ride on the road, and not very suitable for urban use because of the increased fuel consumption, "heavy" vehicles (no power steering) and noisy transmission. However, its competitive price, the relative cheapness and ease of repair parts attract the attention of even second-hand copy of "Niva».

At one time, the fate of "Niva" has been called into question in connection with the organization of the joint venture "GM-AvtoVAZ" for the production of Chevrolet Niva. Under an agreement with the US production of the old model was to cease by 2006, but due to the revision of the Agreement from "AvtoVAZ" is now possible to produce Lada Niva (since 2005 officially called "Field"). In addition, its CKD-kits since 2003 to deliver a new assembly plant "ASIA AUTO" in Ust-Kamenogorsk (Kazakhstan), the Ukrainian "LuAZ" and several assembly plants in South America.

VAZ-2121-21214 (Lada Niva) - one of the most popular SUV in the domestic market, even new cars virtually no competition on a parity "price + quality + permeability", as used moderately (from one to three) - all out of competition. All the specific problems of this model are well known repairmen (though not always successfully treated), parts are cheap enough and distributed no less than to "Lada". When you purchase is necessary to carefully examine the body and chassis for heavy use. If the vehicle is often used on roads or as a towing vehicle, such a purchase should be abandoned. Other things being equal is better to choose a car with a less noisy "razdatkoy."

VAZ-21211 - The unique modification Niva VAZ 2121 with an engine of VAZ 21011. began to produce in 1978.

Speed ​​performance VAZ 21211:
Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, with 26
The maximum speed, km / h: 125

VAZ-2120 - four-wheel drive base model family minivans, developed JSC "AvtoVAZ" using commercially available components and assemblies. The all-metal monocoque body, the original spacious cabin provides comfortable accommodation for 7 people, and when stacked rows of seats formed roomy luggage compartment. The presence of 4-door, one of them with a shear mechanism, provide convenience as the landing-disembarking passengers and when placed in the cabin rather bulky cargo. Lada 2120 is suitable for an active family holiday, distant tourist trips. Also in the family car it is planned to be modified such as:
The van - a truck with a high roof for transportation of various large-sized products;
Service - the organization on the basis of the vehicle mobile workshops;
The manager - a special car for business travel business leaders.

Speed ​​performance VAZ 2120:
Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, with 23
The maximum speed, km / h: 135

VAZ-21212 - Modification Niva VAZ 2121 RHD. They are made in very small batches to England to compete there the Rovers.

VAZ-21213 "Taiga" - differs from the basic version a more powerful engine 1, 7 liters, which is better adapted to changes in load, carb "Solex", coupled with a contactless ignition system (and that both reduces fuel consumption), aluminum radiator, a form of rear lights, a different form of the rear door, and many others. There were transient Party with a standard engine VAZ-2106 1, 6 l.

Speed ​​performance VAZ 21213:
The maximum speed, km / h: 137

VAZ-21214 - Modification Niva VAZ 21213 with the engine VAZ 21214, volume 1, 7 liters, equipped with a central fuel injection.

Speed ​​performance VAZ 21214:
Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, with 19
The maximum speed, km / h: 137 VAZ-21215 - a VAZ 21213 diesel Peugeot. It makes for export, so the native assembly further includes obveski spoilers, bumpers, discs, pads, etc.

Speed ​​performance VAZ 21215:
Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, with 25
The maximum speed, km / h: 127

VAZ-21216 - export version of the VAZ-21213, right-hand drive and carbureted engine.
VAZ-21217 - export version of the VAZ-21213, with the engine from the VAZ-21011 (1300 cu. Cm.)

VAZ-212180 "Fora" - an elongation of 300 mm version of the conveyor "Niva". The increase was due to the increased size of the door and, accordingly, the doorways. In this regard, the doors are installed "vosmerochnye" loop. Increased interior allowed to establish triple rear seat, pulling it slightly forward of the tightness of the wheel arches. Due to this and the trunk is considerably more than the VAZ 21213. The roof in the rear thanks to a plastic "scolding" is raised, allowing the rear passengers feel more at ease. The standard equipment includes automatic sprinkler system installed in the engine compartment. The wheels on this model initially set alloy from Tolyatti company "Slick" tires with «Nokia HRC». They are more usual standard, so the reserve moved to the back door, although attached to the rear bumper. It's great to reduced visibility, particularly rear-view mirrors of the classics. As additional features power steering, air conditioning, a plastic front grille radiatora.Salon kenguryatnik - standard, from the 21213, but the back seat of the VAZ 2107. In some of the car a French steering column, which you can install the power steering. It produces such machines vazovskoy subsidiary enterprise of manufacturing special car Bronte wines which uses code «X7G».

Speed ​​performance VAZ 212180:
Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, with 20
The maximum speed, km / h: 140

VAZ-212182 "Force" -Questions booking "Niva" have been worked out on the first of these machines, with the prefix "B" created more of VAZ 2121. Such today is no longer produced. Armored version of the VAZ-21218, is primarily intended to serve the banks and collectors. Armor and special laminated glass can protect car occupants from bullets of caliber Kalashnikov 5, 45 and 7, 62 mm. The thickness of the steel sheet - 4, 5 mm, and a special bulletproof glass - 28 mm.U side doors reinforced hinges, locks and more loopholes for the conduct of the shooting response. The mandatory set includes: automatic sprinkler system installed in the engine compartment; fuel tank explosion and fire; additional battery; air conditioning; remote door lock actuator right from the driver's seat. As additional equipment is offered armored floor, and warning beacons, etc. It is heavier than the VAZ-21218 430 kg, respectively, of the spring suspension of the larger diameter rod and special shock absorbers.

Speed ​​performance VAZ 212182:
Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, with 20
The maximum speed, km / h: 125

VAZ-212183 - Beach SUV with the body of the "Lando" or "landole" (body-roof over the rear seat) is based on the VAZ-21218. The absence of the roof of the car and doors made to strengthen the body of the original "strapping" of the pipe, which, if necessary, can be easy to pull the hood or attach the brackets to transport water skiing, surfing, boats and other beach items. Tailgate swings to horizontal loops and provides access to the trunk. Tilt Wheel "strapped" behind lugs. The seats are upholstered in leather, and on the floor instead of carpet - soft linoleum. The peculiar charm of the car gives the original plastic "kit" and two-tone paint. These beach cars BRONTO made only to order.

Speed ​​performance VAZ 212183:
Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, with 20
The maximum speed, km / h: 140

VAZ-21219 -Prehodnaya modification of VAZ-2121 Niva with the engine of the VAZ-21213 (1, 7 liters). Salon, suspension, rear window washer bachek left from VAZ-2121

Speed ​​performance VAZ 21219:
Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, with 19
The maximum speed, km / h: 137

VAZ-2122 "River" - This amphibious vehicle has been developed by engineers in the VAZ 1989. Used aggregate base from VAZ 2121. Only here the engine was a 1.3L of VAZ 21011 and the car could swim, though not very much. The dimensions of the car - 3735h1690h1775, weight - 1.2t. The body was sealed, and for pumping water - standing pumps. Instead of a hard top, it was - tent, as they say practical. But something after the test did not like war, and it is for them and the car was manufactured, and production has not started. Nowadays, there are only 2 cars that are in museums and Togliatti Ryazyani.

VAZ-2129 - Model izgotavlevaemaya on OPP vase from the standard 213 model by lengthening the vehicle body by inserting. Another version of the "long wheelbase" Niva passenger. The main difference from the model VAZ-2131 is the presence of only 3 doors instead of five. Everything else is substantially similar.



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