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1. Roadster Lada (Lada Roadster) - Concern automobile VAZ not approved for production. For the first time, we noticed roadster at a car show "MIMS 2000" in the two thousandth year. The underlying idea of ​​the Roadster had the opportunity to remove the roof of the car in the trunk.
Unfortunately, the demand for cars like Lada Roadster, is not great. But car manufacturers have always sought to be the concern stylish car with high dynamic performance. Such a model "AvtoVAZ" wanted to implement on the basis of the vehicle 2108, which could be called "Harmony Studios". In the car was a separate and removable roof rack. As a result, the car has been completely redesigned, and was released about 500 cars that are only available in Europe and only sold there. Because of this failure, a new model - to release a quality car of the same class, which was supposed to be a roadster.


Lada Siluet, Silhouette Lada, VAZ-2116 - the concept car front wheel drive sedan on the platform project with, first demonstrated at the Moscow Motor Show in 2005. Especially for the project developed a completely new front-drive platform and a two-liter engine. It is planned to produce diesel and automatic transmission options. It is argued that the increased size family car will feature an interesting exterior and interior design, high comfort, quality materials, accurate assembly, enhanced security, and that is planned to start in the VAZ-2116 series in 2015. Currently we conducted crash tests of the prototype, which showed 13 points out of 16 possible system EuroNCAP. In addition to the Silhouette family sedan VAZ-2116 are wagon VAZ-2117 and VAZ-2118 hatchback.


The new modification of the basic model VAZ-2110 is a 4-seater limousine with a characteristic for cars of this type fairly high level of comfort.
Various configuration options and trim the car VAZ 2110 "Consul" allow you to use it to make long-term tourist and business trips, as a representative vehicle as a taxi, you can create a car modification for celebrations, as well as variants of the vehicle increased security.
The design of the car interior provides comfortable accommodation for a lot of the driver and passengers.
Soundproof partitions allows you to create a stand-alone in the back of the compartment with a wide range of additional equipment and services. By increasing the length of the rear doors is provided free entry-exit passengers.
Aeroclimatic unit maintains a comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment of significant fluctuations in the ambient temperature.
Tired from a long stay in a static position reduced by adjusting the position of the rear seats.


Project LADA C - The joint project of JSC AvtoVAZ and Canadian company «Magna International», providing for the creation of the C-Class series cars. Existed in Russia from 2006 to 2009.

"Lada Project C" provided for in the existing capacities of AVTOVAZ, the joint creation of ten series of car models under the brand Lada. The launch of new models into production, was slated for 2009. It was supposed to create a joint venture which will be headed by one of the Vice-Presidents of the Russian Technologies, Maxim Nagaitsev. [1]

December 22, 2006 between the State Corporation Russian Technologies and Canada's Magna International company signed a framework agreement on cooperation in the production of components for the new project C. [2]

In 2009, cooperation with the Canadian company Magna International was frozen in favor of the Franco-Japanese alliance Renault Nissan, French Renault has acquired a 25% stake in AvtoVAZ. Alliance has provided its platform B, which in 2012, had been installed on the first line of the main conveyor AvtoVAZ. Head of Russian Technologies Sergei Chemezov said that the developments with Magna International remain in force and will be used when creating a new vehicle. [3]

Since 2009, due to the difficult economic situation "AvtoVAZ" "Project C» suspended.



Carat Lada - Russian concept of "AvtoVAZ". Presented in 2002. The first development Lada Karat began in 2001. Dimensions "Carat" is not much different from "Oka". Its length is greater than 300 mm, it is slightly higher than the "eye."


A prototype of the VAZ-2151 (aka "Lada Classic") was presented at the Moscow Motor Show in 2002. It was an attempt of modernization of the classic "Lada": the old rear wheel drive chassis was completely new body, the scheme was modified front suspension, and is located under the hood of the engine capacity of 1, 7 liters of fuel injected. Another was steering with the scheme "gear-rack".

Initially, the appearance of the car was supposed to overlap with the old models of the VAZ-2101 and 2102, but in the end of the round headlights and uznavaemnogo silhouette was abandoned.

It was assumed that the VAZ-2151 is not a substitute, but complement "classics" and help AvtoVAZ to increase production. Start of production of sedans and station wagons had been scheduled for 2006 ... As a result of further development of the project has not received, as has been recognized unprofitable.



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