Evolution of the "Zhiguli"

By the end of the year in the Stavropol region will electric vehicles. Previously, this could only promise science fiction writers in the journal "Science and Life", and today AvtoVAZ to talk seriously about the issue of electric version of its "Kalina" - to begin with, in the amount of 100 pieces. For half a century the machine Togliatti giant greatly changed as the country that gave them birth. I suggest to remember how it all began, because without nevi "Lada", as told to Parfenov, we can not imagine, even harder - to understand. So how does the monkey became a man?

Our auto industry began as reigning in Russia, after the "call Vikings' only car we have been taught not to build the Vikings, and the Italians. The first "Lada" have a copy of the model Fiat-124. For Soviet man this car was a dream come true for a small fortune and personal vehicle. In the late 80s he made insulting nickname "penny". But before the first WHA affectionately called "unity."

In 1972, he descended from the conveyor new model - VAZ-2102. From the "penny" it is characterized by having a body. As one would say now, factory workers created a five-door wagon. This version of "Lada" became the best friend of Soviet truckers, because in the trunk puts a lot of potatoes.

Together with the "two" in 1972 started production of more powerful VAZ-2103. The new car can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 17 seconds - the fastest car at the time. In addition to speed, the third model could boast comfortable interior: over his head was more space. But there were still inside plastic lining to finish with "bare" metal in the cabin.

In 1980, the "penny" has found a new life. The plant has produced it to replace the VAZ-2105. "Five" and called more noble - LADA-2105. Long range was produced until 2010 and was considered the cheapest car VAZ.

"Quartet" has appeared later, "five" - ​​the Soviet workers had their own inscrutable logic. VAZ-2104 was released in 1984. It was created on the basis of the VAZ-2105. Inexpensive and spacious car liking citizens for exceptional load capacity - because it is easily taken away in the direction of the garden almost half a ton of cargo. Incidentally, the export version of the "quartet" can be found no where else but in England!

The most popular in the history of AvtoVAZ was "six", descended from the conveyor in 1976. She produced thirty years, and all this time the design of constantly making changes, over and over again to prolong the life of the machine on the market.

In 1982, the Automobile closed the topic of "old classics". VAZ-2107 was the last one of its representatives. The basis of "Seven" was taken as the VAZ-2105. Cheap seventh model has long been one of the most sold even after the collapse of the Union.

In place of the classic series in 1984 came "Samara" (VAZ-2108). It seems to be nothing special, but the three-door hatchback in fact marked the beginning of the era of VAZ with front wheel drive. However, the characteristic wedge-shaped silhouette of a model dubbed the "chisel».

In 1987, AvtoVAZ has given the world a masterpiece - a five-door version of the "eight" VAZ-2109 "Sputnik". In the early 90's "nine" has become a dream machine for all the cool kids in caps and pants Mike Abibas. Ridiculous, of course, but with them it is better not to joke.

The first post-Soviet plant was the brainchild of "ten" - VAZ-2110 (LADA-110). Our main claim for a foreign car. Serial production of VAZ-2110 was planned to begin in 1992, but because of the total crisis plans gradually shifted to 4 years.

In the 90s in Togliatti were mainly engaged in modification of the earlier models. So, in 1997, AvtoVAZ labored four-door sedan VAZ-2115. Girls flirtatiously joking that "Nine" is finally ass, but cool kids, it was not an option.

Second Wind AvtoVAZ began in the arms of a sultry woman "Lada Kalina". She saw the prototype of the general public in 1999 in the form of a hatchback, but it came off the assembly line just seven years. Production of the sedan established in 2004th. A year later appeared wagon. With all introduced a sports version of Prime Minister Putin. I wonder whether he will ride on the vehicle?

The real revolution was the sedan "Lada Priora". In 2008 the plant by clicking the jurisdiction of the state corporation "Russian Technologies", took a deep breath after 20 years of gang wars and celebrate the release of "Priory" hatchback, and in 2009 - the wagon. Everything is new - well forgotten old. It is now in the "Priora" is difficult to recognize the "top ten", and in fact without it there has not been.

A year ago, at the Congress of the Union of Machine Builders Togliatti AvtoVAZ he presented the car "Lada Granta". The new model, according to experts, has successfully replaced the usual "Kalina" with "Samara". There is already a clear evolution from the simplest organism to the thinking being.

Once the WHA started to build cars with the Italians, but in the 21st century, the French and the Japanese have turned dearer to him. In April 2012, Russia saw the wagon of increased capacity "Lada Largus" - the first joint project of AvtoVAZ and the alliance Renault-Nissan. "Kopeika" certainly would be surprised to learn that she has such a great-granddaughter. Now the company plans to produce modern, comfortable and affordable cars that are adapted to our less than ideal roads.


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