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In this article we will talk about connecting to the vehicle moving on the wood of the sensors in order to see all the processes that occur in the gasifier on the screen size of a tablet. This will give the possibility to throw into the furnace not only wood, but also various types of garbage from a rag of cloth to plastic, which will save wood (50%<) and clean roadside strip (and not only) of the debris which we take directly from the earth, using as the fuel for the ride. As well as increase the power of the engine 10%

Forty two million six hundred seventy thousand two hundred twenty nine

Ten million fifty five thousand five hundred ninety six

Twenty two million four hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred eighty

Let's see what is useful for yourself at this screen we can see online, if a cross old technology, used actively during the second world war, the development of which was stopped officially in the USSR in the 1960s because of the possibility to improve the technology (has reached a ceiling of development).

Thirty four million four hundred ninety six thousand twenty five


1. To see the composition of the useful gas A gas generator capable of moving the car around the track on a variety of fuel — throwing in a different fuel composition varies, the fuel consumption and the composition of the gas. For better or worse.

For example:
plastic bottle ,
glasses, bags,
old car tyres,
pieces of hard plastic in the form of bursting discs and pieces of the bumper.

All this lot to the curb. We help clean the roadside strip of waste, we save time on collecting firewood and increase engine power up to 10%, while reducing wood consumption up to 50%. It would be nice sitting behind the wheel, watching the electronic scoreboard, increase engine speed and see the reality, what is at the moment the composition of the useful gas.

Thirty nine million three hundred thirty two thousand one hundred eighty four

Useful gases in descending order of usefulness from top to bottom (the numbers are real):
С2Н4 — ethylene 1%
CH4 — methane 4%
CO — carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) 16%
H2 — hydrogen 12%

1.1. To see the composition of the useless gas Together with the useful gas supplied to the engine and a useless gas or it is called ballast.
Ballast gases (the numbers are real):
N2 — nitrogen 50%
CO2 — carbon dioxide 5%
It is very important to see the composition of the ballast gases and the composition of non-reacted O2 is a lot will give information on correct Assembly of the gas generator and about whether or not right now it, there are processes. For example throwing wet fuel we instantly lower the temperature in the firebox, which should fluctuate around 1100 degrees Celsius. And also to see the reaction of the gas generator car based on an unconventional fuel that we will drop, for example, chipboard or other wood and plastic waste.

2. To see fuel consumption Fuel consumption in the car on the wood depends on the density and moisture content of wood or wood waste. Experimentally tested in more Soviet US that the optimum moisture content of wood fuel should range from 11% to 22%. Less than 11% — the burnout of the firebox (moisture becomes less which is constantly struggling gasifier into hydrogen and oxygen). More than 22% additional fuel, a large amount of formic, wood and acetic acid corrodes the iron wall of the hopper with fuel.

"For example, when calculating the flow rate of wet fuel, it was discovered that gas power plants consume 1 kg of firewood 1 kWh of electricity with humidity up to 22%, and if you use green wood with a moisture content of 45%, the consumption will amount to 2.6 kg on 1 kW".

Wood fuel (not counting the plastic and other debris) suitable for the gas generator (roll the mouse to see the name):

Forty four million two hundred eighty two thousand eight hundred twelve

Fifty four million two hundred fifty three thousand nine hundred thirty three

Fifty eight million eight hundred thirty three thousand six hundred twenty five

Fifteen million nine hundred twenty three thousand six hundred sixty four

Nine million five hundred twenty nine thousand ninety six

Ninety eight million six hundred thirty two thousand five hundred nine

Forty one million nine hundred twenty six thousand three hundred sixty six

Eighteen million seven hundred ninety one thousand seven hundred seventy one

Three million sixty seven thousand two hundred seventy six

3. To see the temperature of the gas The hotter the gas, the smaller its volume fills the cylinders of the engine. For example, the filling ratio of the engine Zhiguli 0.75 (total volume 1.5 liters) and the Volga (GAZ 24 with a volume of 2.4 liters) of 0.83. The heated gas is thinner and smaller, its volume will enter the cylinder.

Experimentally at the Institute we measured: with the increase of the gas temperature from 20 degrees to 75 power decreases by 25%.

4. To see the humidity in the inlet gas to the engine A constant problem for beginners is to wrong filter and wrong calculation of the gas generator car based from what the carb fills with water with resins and the car stalls or will not start.

Considering that 1m3 of wood gas before filters is 120 grams of water in vapor form, then the indicator should be especially monitored in the online mode, if we try to throw into the furnace that came.

5. Temperature regime To monitor the temperature in the bunker with wood, and the firebox, where there is a wood burning and gas recovery.

Recycling plastic waste is a serious problem — they simply can't burn as at the stake, need high temperature, otherwise it stands out a huge number of poisons into the soil and the air. The gasifier can cope even with the plastic which contains chlorine — the burning of which would lead to the selection of the worst of the poison dioxin, which is destroyed at 1250 degrees Celsius for at least 2 seconds. If we see in the combustion zone of 1,250 degrees, you can throw any plastic, if not — the familiar plastic bottles (polyethylene terephthalate not containing chlorine).

At this stage, on the screen I would like to see such data:

Eighty one million seven hundred thirty two thousand eight hundred thirty two

The image of the bunker numerals 100, 400, 900, 1200, 1000 shows the temperature in the hopper of the gasifier.
What corresponds to top-down:
100 — the zone of drying fuel
400 zone dry distillation and carbonization of the fuel
900 — a zone of dry distillation
1200 — zone combustion (or oxidation)
1000 recovery zone

In these zones there is a complex thermochemical process that converts solid fuel into combustible gas, which can also be pumped into the cylinders. Numerals 400 and the arrows indicate the temperature of the incoming and exiting from the gasifier air and gas.

Ideally, it would be convenient to make Android application, which would relieve the data via wireless Bluetooth. To get away from the screen for those who have no place in the car.

On the screen a hopper is filled black, it shows how much he is filled with fuel.

Fifty two million five hundred ten thousand four hundred five


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption - together we change the world! ©



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