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Moscow nirvana.

Racer "Blue pisalka" otkuril fool and scare away crows wild roar of the motor, famously taxied out of the yard on his toned tuned to zero twelve models. Tinted was all the side, front and rear windows, lamps and even mirrors. The steepness of the tuning is not clearly limited to non-standard bumpers, two-wing and increased thresholds. As usual, the crankcase has been screwed and ass lifted, giving this vehicle is definitely kind of rapid, especially in the eyes of the owner. The pinnacle of refinement, "a pregnant wildebeest" sticker was "Spark" and polished mahogany shift lever knob. He stuck Mouzon and rattled under the hooting of Saba, moved briskly ahead with a goal to shoot drugged "Huchami" and "screwdriver" girls.

Grandpa "Rotten Wood" was returning home after a hard day, cursing the unexpected snowfall and experiencing that today badly bombed. He was driving very carefully, wondering what would be nice to digest the rapids to "Manya," as he affectionately called his old Moskvich. Every day izvoznoe loot was given more and more difficult, expensive gasoline, "Manya" falling apart here and there, as if Trishkin coat. Yes, even those snickering young, who are less likely to want to go to his product AZLK color "asphalt", which he was so proud. The box was buzzing. The cabin smelled of gasoline and junk. From regular radio could hear distorted sounds of radio station "Mayak".

Auntie "pop-eyed Lights" returned from work. She was a middle manager in a commercial bank and doing something legal. It was difficult to cross the road because of its view of the "-12" and so she bought a car, a brand new little yellow Nissanchik Micra, law and new glasses, especially for motorists. The different glasses for motorists from ordinary glasses, she did not understand, but the girl in the "INTEROPTIC" rubbed so confident about their undoubted merits. she still bought them, expensive I must say. Her personal life has not evolved. At work, the work piled on her, since she was not thieves, and because apart from the work she still had nothing to do, and all knew it, she did not need endless smoke breaks to get worn out with the guys, she had no one to talk on the phone. The mood she was poor. She was tired and wanted to write.

A youngish man of about forty confidently led his "11ti old Volkswagen" for clogged streets. He never made a brilliant career, but life enough. The ability to buy a new foreign car, or at least not as a second-hand was, but there was no desire. His self-sufficiency gradually began to take hypertrophied forms, he has found a kind of limits necessary for themselves at home and at work. His mental state was very calm and clear thought and he thought about tomorrow evening, promising good beer in pleasant company. Reclining in a spacious cabin Passat, with one hand he taxied relaxed and the other tapping on the steering wheel to the beat of relaxation music, specifically, it was the disc "Little-known tracks Ian Gillan." Quietly rustling fan climate control. With heated mirrors dripping wet snow melted. Moscow nirvana.

Racer "Blue pisalka" was beside himself. It really infuriated the old barn battered left the traffic faster than him. How can this be! After his twelfth tuning the muffler welded super-chrome perdyachaya bank! A powerful injector engine! No, it's some kind of mistake! At the next traffic light, he must show the Passat, who is the boss. In vain he had spent so much whether the greenery on spoilers and other improvements.

Grandpa "Rotten Wood" saw a yellow and decided to slow down, anyhow something happens, but then he decided that slip, because the brakes in such weather dumb, and he added gas, but then crap their courage and began frantically to brake. Feeling uncertain behavior of ancient Moskvicha.perekrestny flow did not dare to start moving, intelligently decided to skip his grandfather. Grandfather, seeing the hesitation of cross flow, mentally crossed and that was dope gunned, and so hurried his engine lacked, as he thought, and the corresponding red label "1 7" was also the object of his pride. In general, had passed. Carried grandfather whistling past the treacherous crossing.

Auntie "Lights-eyed" nervous, waiting for the green. The long-awaited light is not turned on for a long time. Policeman, swearing to himself, Kashirku missed because he was told on the radio. that Kashirke goes another car with flashing lights and he should give it the green light. At Auntie tired left leg. She never learned to gently squeeze the clutch and glohla in the most inappropriate places. And she very much wanted to write.

Youthful-looking man in his forties with confidence stopped the "11ti old Volkswagen" at traffic lights. Podezzhaya smoothly to the line, he could poussyvatsya over Moskvich driver and thought that would be nice to stay away from him. The fact that the left of his racer "Blue pisalka" splashing saliva, and only waiting for the green light up to finally make it old Passat, youthful-looking man in his forties had no idea. He also heard to mutter podgazovok twelfth because relaxing music performed by Ian Gillan entirely captured his feelings. This Moscow nirvana.

Racer "Blue pisalka" hardly wait for green and vtopil gas. Screeching tires slippage. Strange, why slippage. After all of the tests of the magazine "At the wheel" of his tires one of the best. Several fuzzy switching box, and then he was rushing forward. But what! Stubborn Passat is not far behind! That infection! And it seems unlikely that he especially strained. Racer "Blue pisalka" simply does not know what Hakkapeliita slush squeezes better than his awesome tires. Racer "Blue pisalka" simply can not imagine that this old Passat distant 93rd year of manufacture is traction control, which will appear on his car in fifty years. Racer "Blue pisalka" does not even know that there are automatic transmission with winter mode. In general, he is not far off.

Grandpa "Rotten Firewood", slowly rolled to the next traffic light. It would be necessary to shift gears. With difficulty to cope with the stubborn stick pohrustev gears, it still stuck next gear. It would be all the same somehow sort out the box! That save up slightly.

Auntie "Lights-eyed" nervous, waiting for the green. The long-awaited light is not turned on for a long time. Policeman, swearing to himself, Kashirku missed because he was told on the radio. that Kashirke goes another car with flashing lights and he should give it the green light. At Auntie tired left leg. She never learned to gently squeeze the clutch and glohla in the most inappropriate places. And she very much wanted to write. (like deja vu).

A youngish man of about forty confidently pressed the accelerator pedal and without any slip his "11ti old Volkswagen" began to pick up speed smoothly. Only now, the Passat's driver noticed that his left some funny racer on snarling Zhiguli trying to make it. In such weather! That idiot! We must let go of the crank with the letter "M", let yourself going further, looking for adventure. And the driver of an old barn VAGovskogo priotpustil "reins." Who knew life, he does not hurry up. Nirvana does not tolerate fuss.

Racer "Blue pisalka" exulted. He still made the goat on the Passat! Let him know! It would be another cut to complete buzz! He looked like the Passat twitched! And he made an aggressive movement of the wheel to the right, as if pripugivaya, but then again. Aha! Slow down! So do you! So hang around me! Ponagonyali in Russia any old rubbish! Therefore, the prices at the WHA as high. Well nothing! Here are your duties will increase, as you look at their favorite foreign cars will ride! Probably will secure and will be loaded onto itself quietly on our machines. Support domestic producers! He suddenly liked this slogan and he snickered.

Grandpa "Rotten Firewood", slowly rolled to the next traffic light (well, there are a repetition). In the middle row. But he noted that in the left lane close flow standing at a traffic light trucks less. He looked a little awkward left dirty mirror, he saw. that no one was there and began to slowly move to the left. He also still five kilometers turn left. So better to regroup now, is free. Then just do not give. Especially these louts on foreign cars! Rush like mad! So what if he is sick in the left lane. Not up to the Moscow Ring Road. Who's supposed to - will tour!

Auntie "Lights-eyed" nervous, waiting for the green. The long-awaited light is not turned on for a long time. Policeman, swearing to himself, Kashirku missed because he was told on the radio. that Kashirke goes another car with flashing lights and he should give it the green light. At Auntie tired left leg. She never learned to gently squeeze the clutch and glohla in the most inappropriate places. And she very much wanted to write. (I almost Clinic).

Youthful-looking man in his forties said that riding in front of grandpa Muscovites suddenly unnecessarily decided to reorganize under the direct flying funny racer at the WHA. He chided himself for the driver Moskvich, which did not include the turn signal. True, the Muscovites left rear marker does not burn and a youngish man of about forty logical thought. blinker that probably just is not working. He chided himself for Moskvich driver that he, for no apparent reason began to be reconstructed in such weather for riding fast car. He decided to slow down a bit just in case your "11ti old Volkswagen" to give a ridiculous rider at the WHA to maneuver. People in a state of nirvana in Moscow, to be kind to people.

Racer "Blue pisalka" horror for himself noticed that riding ahead on the right Muscovites began to shift in his row. What for! It is there that blind! I do not see my blue dimensions! Especially for these idiots did! Well, here's dazzle! Where you climb! Shoo in place! But stupid driver Moskvich was not going back. Then the driver pulled the bibikalku. Muscovites fig. We'll have to slow down, the driver decided. Well, damn it, we will deal with the conductive Moskvich a carrier, a turnip he definitely will get!

Grandpa "Rotten Wood" he saw in the rearview mirror quickly approaching headlights. Where did they come then! Behind roared hysterically. What gudish what gudish it! Can not you see that there, rebuilt the car! At first it was thought to go back to your number. But there was already standing machine, and he was afraid that will not have time to slow down. But his Moskvich was almost entirely in the left lane. No, he thought, should be reconstructed so until the end. Then he finally turned on the blinker.

Auntie "Lights-eyed" nervous, waiting for the green. The long-awaited light is not turned on for a long time. Policeman, pissed on the heads, already buzzing his drivers, the snow, the wind, the Gazelle board decided to stop and check the documents, in short found a job. Traffic light bored with nothing to do. The left leg numb aunties. And how she wanted to write!

A youngish man of about forty understood why Moskvich shifted. This geezer at the WHA was not eager neighbor. On the lit portion of the prospectus it was not noticeable, but as soon as Mercedes drove into the darkness, as if just disappeared. Moskvich just does not see it. It is possible that the driver did not see the funny one pale envelope Moskvich. And then, contrary to his principle not to meddle in other people's affairs, the driver of "Volkswagen 11ti year" decided precautionary pobibikat vase. But he can see without it saw as the twelfth already zaryskala braking. No excitement did not touch the soul of a youngish man of about forty. All this is garbage compared to the world revolution! And especially with the Moscow nirvana.

Racer "Blue pisalka" horror for himself realized that his remarkable production Warsaw Goodyear tire plant, the star of commercials and test winner "Driving" almost no brakes on slush. It's good that he quickly went from this Passat, now you can at least get away to the right. And he turned the wheel. Wheels VAZ drove his right. But the WHA why it went straight. They speak foreign cars put some brakes, but it's not for real kids. Before Moskvich were only a few meters. He overcame them certainly slower than might have on their grandpa erased all season tires "Taganka", but still faster than I had. Huge rear spoilers definitely slowed down the car due to high friction of them falling snow. But ... Knock! Until recently, it was the two bumpers.

Grandpa "Rotten Wood" realized that his "Manya" planted in the ass. He got out and inspected the damage. In addition to the bumper in the trash even left broken lantern. Nothing else. Getting upset Granddaddy, I realized that things are not so bad. The driver of VAZ got a new moskvichovsky bumper, and the old was still cracked and kept one hand on the rope. It must be the way gently pull this rope. Lantern also put new. He began to figure out how much it will save, if you buy it all Bushnov in the southern port, and say that a new set. His gray mustache cut a malevolent grin.

Auntie "Lights-eyed" I heard the distinctive sound of the impact and almost can not describe. She undid the belt and even out of the car. Thanks! I almost forgot her purse. She had heard so much about barsetochnikov and about the bases on ldorogah. We have to be careful! It drowned out the car and took the keys. Yes! It is necessary to include emergency gang! The wind with sleet instantly close up glasses. With its new machine, nothing happened, she realized after about five minutes. What is the joy she returned to the warmth of the Nissan. She patted the steering wheel. Do not worry, dear, it is not knocked out of us. Everything is fine. Oh, if still did not want to write!

Youthful-looking man in his forties calmly freewheeling this group once again kissing and mentally congratulated himself for restraint, for caution, and German manufacturers for their "11ti old Volkswagen." What was he thinking about Moskvich driver and pro racer humor is in general it does not matter, because he thought about them for a long time. In a state of nirvana is impossible to Moscow for a long time to think about vain things.

Racer "Blue pisalka" in the hearts hit the steering wheel. Well now, he will ask this idiot Muscovites! True answer for his ass is any need to. Damn! This is necessary so to get there! He threw his jacket and got out. When grandpa met his words, what do you say, young man driving so carelessly, he could barely restrain himself. But still I called him an old goat. It's good that alcohol did not drink today. Smoky driver did not like alcohol. Alcohol will not start.

Grandpa "Rotten Wood" quickly realized. that still need to get the loot, but get right now in hlebalnik very real. He began to look around helplessly around for any help. But from here it will take! Who needs his problems! Everyone sat in their cars for the windows closed and in no hurry to get out the bad weather, to help him. Then he noticed a hundred meters away on the other side Kashirki traffic cop. Now he was ready to kiss this servant of the state, which robs it, wherever possible, increase the rents, prices of goods and underpaid retirement. There is still, to a forest of joy grandfather policeman looked at them, apparently heard the sound of the impact. Grandfather proudly raised his head and said, here's a traffic cop is now fit and figure everything out.

Auntie "pop-eyed Lights" finally saw the policeman noticed them and went to switch the flow of light. Hooray! Really soon lit up green. Tired of waiting cars rushed from their seats. Auntie stuck gently lifting gear and the clutch pedal was the drive off. But probably very slowly, because the cars in other lanes went faster and faster. So she can not make it to this green and then just described. It should be added. She pressed harder on the gas pedal and simultaneously release the clutch. A nasty competitors from adjacent rows, left and went farther. Soon it is time to change gear! No, not yet. It is necessary that the arrow on the left priborchik climbed higher. And she added a little gazku.

Youthful-looking man in his forties calmly waited until the car before it goes far enough and slowly moved forward. He was in no hurry. He knew as much when sharp start ended with traffic problems. And he himself was once a young man so much fun once started at Subaru that caught riding ahead of charisma and Knock it is not childish. Every time he recalled with a smile. In addition, the front of his right at the traffic light was a Mercedes and he was afraid. that he can wag his back and hurt his "11ti old Volkswagen." He was not afraid of failure, but to stand in such weather, waiting for the traffic cop had no desire. And this on a yellow Nissan aunt left, she somehow also twitched. What are they all doing in the left lane! This aunt! This grandpa! Why is he not coming Passat in the left lane! Because his car is nothing to do there. We must clearly know their place under the sun.


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