Attention! Cheating at the gas station! They use this trick to not go broke...

Every visit makes refilling purse the driver to lose weight for a considerable amount of money. After a few expensive purchases of fuel every owner of a private transport asks the question: how to save money on gasoline? To buy cheap fuel — not an option, since you can cause serious damage to the car.

"Website" shares with you proven methods that will help to keep the budget and will not allow gas stations to cash in on your expenditure.

How to save on gasoline
  1. Closely monitor the serviceability of the machine
    It is time to pass inspection, since any failure of the car increases the fuel consumption: for example, worn engine increases consumption up to 20 %.

  2. Get rid of the extra weight in the car
    If the roof of your car is an extra trunk, think about it, if he needs you every day. Should get rid of the extra weight and save 10% on the gasoline consumption.

  3. Use the most economical mode of drive
    If your car provides for economy or winter mode, don't forget to use it. Riding at a moderate speed can save up to 30 % of fuel.

  4. Watch your tire pressure
    Reduced tire pressure increases fuel consumption by about 3 %. Pumped wheel also entail unpleasant consequences in the form of a torn tire.

  5. Close your Windows and turn off air conditioning
    Few people know that open Windows while driving at speed over 50 km/h cause fuel consumption by 8 %. The use of air conditioning also hit on the wallet, increasing the petrol consumption by 15 %.

  6. Stop the engine if the waiting time exceeds 1 minute
    Try to avoid the traffic, after 1 hour of engine idle is equivalent to travel 60 km on the highway at a speed of 80 km/h.

  7. It is not necessary to warm up the engine for 10-15 minutes
    Lengthy warming up of the car — too much consumption of gasoline. For movement enough that the temperature gauge moved. At this point you can start slowly to go.

  8. Turn off everything unnecessary in the car
    Don't forget to turn off the machine, additional lights and use fog lights only when needed. This will reduce fuel consumption by 5-10 %.

  9. Pour in the vehicle only high-quality fuel
    Do not succumb to the temptation and buy a cheap alternative to high quality fuel. In the future it will save you from serious breakdowns of a vehicle.

  10. Should have trip computer
    This useful helper will teach you to calculate the best route and will help to reduce fuel consumption up to 10 %.

Car and what tricks you use you? Don't forget to tell us in the comments!

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