11 unexpected ways to use hygienic lipstick: help out in any critical situation.

Chapstick beauty product for many habitual and even required care and protection to the lips.

But "Website" in this article I will share these applications that you never came. Let's start!

How to use lipstick
  1. New shoes is always great! But to avoid abrasions and blisters is possible, if to lubricate critical places on the feet hygienic lipstick. This trick will reduce the friction and avoid discomfort.

  2. If the ring finger is not removed, but neither vegetable oil nor the thread at hand, take a deep breath and boldly... just use your chapstick. Always works!

  3. Sensitive nose? Not a problem, because it can be lubricated with chapstick! In fact, this product is much more moisturizing and protective properties, than many creams...

  4. Small scratches and cuts can be treated hygienic lipstick, if no special medical tools. It will protect the wound from contamination to infection, and speed healing.

  5. Chapstick is a great tool for styling eyebrows. In addition to capturing, the product gives your brows a well-groomed appearance and accelerates hair growth.

  6. Lipstick can replace a tool for cuticle care. Why buy extra?

  7. Electrified hair is a problem for many, especially in the winter. To resolve this problem simply, if you lightly grease the palm of chapstick and hold a hand over his head, barely touching the protruding hair. Don't get too sloppy!

  8. Chapstick can be used as a remedy for split ends of hair.

  9. Smear lipstick over the place and under the dog to easily solve the problem with the jammed zipper.

  10. After a long break in the wearing of earrings is so difficult to insert them in your ear again. And again come to the aid of lipstick!

  11. Traces of the mascara easy to remove with a cotton swab, smeared with lipstick. By the way, if happened that you slept outside the home, and the means for removing makeup no use hygienic lipstick. Not too convenient, but still better than just soap, dries the skin.

And how many ways you can use hygienic lipstick, you know? Tell us in the comments and don't forget to share it!

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