Why is lipstick harmful for health?

Many women painting lipstick, believe that it gives them a great view and not many people think about the fact that at the same time, lipstick is harmful not only lips, but also the mouth.

It turned out that the damage are all lipsticks. It shows the experiments conducted with 40 kinds of products for lip care. A third of them were made from products fat, which is produced during oil refining. This fat is not dangerous if it to impose on the skin, but not on the lips. The point is that the lips quite frequently lick with the tongue. In this case, all harmful ingredients and carcinogens, which collects the fat lipstick from the environment like a sponge absorbs water fall into the mouth and then in stomach. This entails the development of malignant tumors in the digestive organs, and even on the lips and mouth.

No wonder, it is women of poor education on the digestive system, the frequency one of the highest after breast cancer and genital organs.

Because of this, women are advised not to use actively lipstick, and if you use, it is hygienic.

If lips are cracked, then you need to use special creams, applying them on the lips instead of lipstick. This cream protects from harmful environmental influences the lips and is not harmful, getting in the mouth.

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