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"This house is a new architectural design that makes an ecologically friendly retreat from the modern world. Combining intelligent technology with elegant sophistication, this design creates a natural habitat that has virtually no effect on the environment."

Dutch design Studio Tjep apply the approach used in the development of products, creating this "far away, isolated, intelligent scenic house" that combines technology and minimalist aesthetics, all together fueled by solar energy.

This feature gives Studio Tjep his new project, called "Isolée," the "distant, special, Autonomous, ecological house," which combines technology with a minimalist aesthetic, all together connected to solar energy.

"Isolée creates stability, while having the beauty created by the power of engineering, the aesthetics, which is inspired by nature, blending in the relationship of humanity with the outside world."

Three-storey house is conceived as a highly stylized wardrobe catalogue in a landscape.

Designer franc Tjepkema (Frank Tjepkema) says: "I was interested to see what happens if you give the house such a highly detailed design, which is found in all things that we use every day. The cars we drive, the computers and tablets that we use, the smartphones – all perverted, from an aesthetic point of view, products. And then we go home, to the place where we're surrounded by a pile of bricks."

        Aesthetics that deserves solar energy. The solar panels "grow" from the roof as an elegant plant absorbing energy from the sun. Panel rotates to follow the movement of the sun across the sky.

Welcome or no trespassing. The concept, which is based on the drop-down walls the shutters. All loops are installed the electric motors that operate using solar energy. The walls are computer controlled, closed at the request of the owner, for example, when approaching bad weather.

        The connecting elements. The staircase creates a continuous path of travel connecting all the spaces in the house. It starts from the yard, moving through the house and through all the floors-the room ends with a small terrace with a magnificent view.

        Oven. In a special chamber with the outside of the house kept a supply of wood for firing the furnace. This camera is available both outside and inside the house when the weather is not conducive to walking.

        The self-sufficiency of the integrated systems. To produce hot water in the frame house circulates the heated wood burner liquid. Circulation is provided by an electric pump, powered by solar energy. Water for heating is circulated inside the walls, heated by the same wood stove. All led lighting is powered by batteries. The only thing that needs building from outside is a supply of fresh water. The house can easily withstand any weather conditions.

The house truly deserves its name – "Isolée" — completely isolated from contact with the outside world, the house is more like the embodiment of design dream, environmentally friendly technologically oriented structure than old-fashioned cabin in the woods.

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