Propolis tincture gastric ulcer, gastritis, duodenitis, and more!

Tincture of propolispreparations on the basis of tincture of propolis has long won popularity among the people, tested practices and time, their effect is gradual without causing damage to the body, without causing serious side effects, the main thing – to observe the dosage.


Tincture of propolis: application

  • treatment of various respiratory diseases, aid in diseases of the throat and the middle ear;

  • use in diseases of the stomach and intestines, liver and gall bladder, with the prostate disease;

  • propolis tincture is a natural antispasmodic and anestetikom, which allows its use as adjuvant in various diseases, causing pain syndrome;

  • the infusion is used for healing wounds, ulcers, fistulas, prolesit, it is a more rapid fusion of bone fractures. Use it and for various skin problems, it soothes inflammation, reduces swelling and itching;

  • it is effective on varicose veins, when blood circulation, atherosclerosis, pain in joints and muscles;

  • thrush and other fungal infections of organs and tissues can be treated with tincture of propolis;

  • natural sedative for insomnia, headaches, nervous disorders;

  • this is a good tool for lifting immunity, especially useful its application in the off-season when the body is difficult to adapt to new weather conditions.

Treatment with tincture of propolisTincture of propolis can be of different concentrations, in the following recipes assume a 10% tincture, it is less concentrated, therefore, as a rule, does not cause side effects. Later I will tell you how to cook it yourself.


Propolis tincture inside

Flu, colds, sore throat enough to drop 25 – 30 drops of tincture in a Cup of morning tea. After a few days the condition will improve greatly

Propolis tincture with milk stomach ulcer, gastritis, duodenitis – half Cup of milk it will take 25 drops of tincture. Take before meals, two times a day, preferably morning and evening. Please note, if you have any health problems, if you are familiar with the symptoms of gastroduodenitis, first of all, it is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist.

In cases of poisoning, accompanied by nausea, half a glass of warm water to dilute 25 drops of tincture, drink once, it is emergency assistance, but then be sure to see a doctor.

In diseases of the stomach, bowels, liver and gallbladder take 20 drops of alcohol tincture, together with warm tea in the morning and evening. In a week you need to take a break for a week, then treatment can continue.

To relieve unpleasant symptoms during a difficult time for women in menopause infusion taken with a small amount of water for 20 – 25 drops once or twice a day

For the treatment of hypertension folk medicine recommends 20%-ing propolis tincture, it take 20 drops three times a day an hour before meals for one month. Then make a break for two weeks and repeat the course if necessary


How to make propolis tincture at home?

Propolis tincture can be prepared the desired concentration, for the preparation of 10% tincture, take 10 grams of propolis and 90 ml of rubbing alcohol to get 20% infusion, respectively, to take 20 grams of propolis and 80 ml of alcohol. Alcohol it is recommended to take medical 70%.


Tincture of propolis on alcohol

To make a tincture of propolis in several ways, the most common is the way in which within two weeks infused propolis on alcohol. Infuse propolis should be in a dark place at room temperature, from time to time a bottle or jar, in which the propolis brewing, need to shake. Two weeks later the infusion is ready, it should be well filtered and stored in a dark place.

If it is necessary to prepare a tincture quickly, you can use this method: in heated in a water bath up to 40 – 50 degrees rubbing alcohol pour the crushed propolis, stir well to propolis is completely dissolved, then you also need to strain the mixture and it is possible already to use it.


Propolis tincture with vodka

It is not always possible to buy rubbing alcohol, in this case, propolis tincture can be prepared with vodka. It is prepared exactly the same as on alcohol, insisting for two weeks, but take more propolis, 50 grams of propolis need to take 0.5 liters of quality vodka.

Propolis tincture in vodka is used in the same way as prepared on alcohol.published

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