The man who would not betray me

Walking down the street. Meet — people.

Instead of seeing the mirror. The feeling that you go through a long tunnel with mirrors on the walls.

Look at the same. It I beautiful. In the other blue fat Hippo. From the following with horror turn away: how much rage and anger wants to jump out at me. But more fascinating: it shows what I can be if you embody all the dreams. It inspires, gives strength and says — look at me take an example, you can do it! Do you wanna come on top?

— I sure do! — I shouted.

Some mirrors do not reflect anything. They don't care. Other so much dust that I can't stand, wipe them with a cloth, writes exclusively for the Anna Korobko.

Some reflections jump out of mirrors and trying to sit on my neck. They are annoying chanting after that I'm doing wrong. How many mistakes and incorrect actions they are counted, following me. Not tired to shout: "Doubt, turn around! Look at us!".

I want to stop and ask:

— Why are you bothering me? You no rest? I go. I have my own way. Even if I do something wrong, why don't you give peace? The reason for this indifference and thorough care of me?

Here's why, for example, cares about my weight? I earn it every day by restrictions and choose to protect the beauty and health of your body, not happy to hold food in his mouth, like a crocodile. What happens to your body? Why is my body important to you?

Why would you teach me how to raise my children? Your children are getting all that you can give them? Where you have so much time for my children?

And you, why do care how I talk to my husband? If he chose me, so it was okay with me. Why don't you think about your husband? Why is my husband more fun?

I don't have time to follow others or be afraid to say something. I show that it is impossible to be all good, as well as possible on two chairs at once to fall. And transplanted from one to another will lead to dizziness. The earth leaves from under feet, will have to go to the hospital and drastically change something.

You can accuse me of categorical judgments. Because I am responsible for my life, and for those who cannot make a choice, you really want someone to blame.

When I was accused. And more than once. Until I realized that this is the road to nowhere. The path cuts from the debris of disappointments and burns from pipe dream. When you don't know which mirror to look, pop everything.

I want to say screaming of the mirror: it's not me, that you cry. And why? From what I do what I want? Or that you don't dare even in their dreams?

You don't have enough strength to get up and start to do something — or just to walk up with me? I will be happy to help. But it is much easier to accuse me of all my sins. To stuff me, and then to burn it. Burn! I don't care. My caravan is under the scorching sun. My camels have seen so much, that they can survive long without water. The sand they no longer hurt the eyes. They have learned to walk in the desert with the inner conductor.

I am sincerely sorry that, instead of something to change in yourself, you become obsessed with other people and begin to fight. Not me. With their own reflections. Shift painful scenario for someone who lives not as you.

Turn around. One mirror is broken. Second. See the pieces. Look at them and see the pictures of what could be. You're hurting me!

Dial the number of the Snow Queen, so she froze my heart. After all, to understand the essence of things need a cold brain, and not the flames of emotion.

I can't carry ice blocks for other people. I can coolly get the lighter to light the essence of things, to try to see where and how they have made their snowmen. Why do they roll them up the hill, turning yourself into a Sisyphus? After all, the reason not in me. The reason for the icy mess in their heads.

Need help – I can help. With love. I have no hard feelings. She has long been freed from chains of ice. I wasn't myself. Didn't know where my heart is. I am now free to help. The only question you ask?

In each attack I hear a scream. Help. The pain inside writhing barbed shrapnel, crashing into the body, pushing the aggression. Strength to endure no. Pain flies a fireball and tries to use me as a lightning rod.

I'm not scared. I find it funny. I used to see the true causes of such attacks. In their mirror I can see the mechanism of distortion.

I can say about it. But will it be ready with it to do something? Make.

How to hurt yourself to change something! But I haven't found any other way to be born again. Without burning yourself to the ground. It hurts to die and be born new, too. But the new live much more fun.

Look in the mirror... Look with love. Laugh. Get scared and go further. I know where you're going. And even if you get lost — do not worry. I'll find and feel your way.

The pieces are a distraction, make you wince, the pain, then lick their wounds. But I go further. There are other mirrors that I want to watch and enjoy: kindness, sincerity and magic. They can travel, they can look often to feel peace, calmness, joy — and find the strength to go on.

Is it possible to outweigh the distorting mirror? Sometimes I got. But not for long. Most often, the mirror returned to its place. There was a time when I've been hanging upside down under the narcotic spell of positive thinking. It was painful to fall, after the first was hit in the head.

Now I'm all for objectivity, not the positive reality of my dreams. With mirrors, I realized the fatality.

— What do I do? How to live in a mirror the country? — I thought. — To go aimlessly?

But I have a choice of where to send the eyes. After all, my life. Mirrors and only mirrors.

Look in the mirror and meet the Gorgon, after her gaze to turn to stone and stop to enjoy life?

Maybe close your eyes and live like a hermit in the desert? Where reflection nor day nor night could not be found. To go only by his heart and so remove their caravan from the desert?

Or to look in the mirror, like Narcissus trying to love yourself? How to love your neighbor, if he do not love yourself?

Or to look at those who are stronger than me? Who lives on Olympus. Who himself is almost superhuman. At Zeus learning power and management. From Athens — to be a wise and excellent strategist. The Aphrodite — the art of pleasure. Dionysius — transcendence. And Hermes — the ability to easily secret keys to obtain.

Of course, I for the life on Olympus. But to get there, sometimes you have to go through the desert and understand yourself. Afford to look with love at his reflection.

What would my life have occurred, there is a man who won't betray me. That person was me.

Gorgon is also important. They accelerate after the horror of petrifaction. It turns out, all the mirrors need? All mirrors are important. They make up the mosaic of my way to Olympus.


Author: Anna Korobko, especially for


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

Source: Anna Korobko


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